Sir Ivan

Sir Ivan & DJs From Mars release new track ‘Love Is All Around’: Listen

Sir Ivan has just teamed up with DJs From Mars to release a new remix for the iconic track ‘Love Is All Around’.

Sir Ivan, also known as Peaceman, is a singer, songwriter, and philanthropist who has dedicated his career to promoting peace and unity through his music. His latest release, a remix of the classic song ‘Love Is All Around’, features the signature style of iconic producers DJs From Mars and is a must-listen for fans of EDM and anyone looking to find joy, positivity, and love in the world.

Sir Ivan’s music is known for its uplifting and positive messages, with a focus on promoting peace and unity in the face of adversity. His mantra — PEACE OF MIND FOR ALL HUMANKIND™ — is more important now than ever before, and the remix of ‘Love Is All Around’ takes that message to new heights, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to find joy, positivity, and love in the world. 

Originally recorded in 1969 by The Troggs, ‘Love Is All Around’ has been given an otherworldly treatment by DJs From Mars to create an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) hit that is sure to make you feel the energy. The remix breathes new life into the original track, with masterful use of synths and pounding bass that creates an energetic and euphoric atmosphere that will leave listeners wanting more. The rework of ‘Love Is All Around’ adds a new dimension to the classic song, with masterful use of synths and pounding bass that create an energetic and euphoric atmosphere. The remix is a celebration of love and hope, with a driving beat that encourages listeners to dance and let loose.

DJs From Mars have been praised for their unique style and ability to blend genres in a way that is both unexpected and refreshing. They have remixed some of the biggest names in music, including Pitbull, Steve Aoki, and Katy Perry, and have released numerous hit singles that have topped charts around the world. This remix of “Love Is All Around” is a testament to their skill and creativity.

Listen to the new track here.


Image Credit: Sir Ivan