Sonic Bloom 2023

SONIC BLOOM 2023: Activities and experiences to try at the festival other than music

While the SONIC BLOOM 2023 lineup is packed with unbelievable artists who will give unique shows that you can’t find anywhere else, it wouldn’t truly be SONIC BLOOM if there wasn’t a multitude of fun and engaging activities to explore beyond just the music. 

While the core of festivals is indeed the music, what sets SONIC BLOOM apart from the rest are the experiences you can dive into away from the stages. No matter your taste, there is guaranteed to be something you will enjoy. Whether it be yoga, art, or something else, here are a few of our favorite things you can do at SONIC BLOOM 2023 outside of the music. 



This is by far one of the coolest activities that SONIC BLOOM has to offer. If you ever find yourself during the festival needing to clear your head, start your day off in the perfect stage of zen, or simply needing to relax for a moment before the nightcap of the festival begins, you will no doubt have your pick of the litter when it comes to world-class yoga instructors. Don’t worry. There is not a “one size fits all” mentality when it comes to selecting classes. SONIC BLOOM has gone above and beyond to make sure there is a class for whichever type of mood you are in. Each instructor offers a different style and a unique spin on the art. With classes from morning to sunset, even if you aren’t into yoga, it is worth checking out at least once. 

Lineup: Rob Loud (Vinyasa Flow State), Kali Durga Yoga (Bliss Body: Slow Flow & Live Music), Leanne + Ashley (Partner Yoga + Cacao Ceremony, Agosto (Yoga Biomechanics & Trauma Release), Chiko-Mandalamor (Ceremonial Thai Massage) and many more. 

Oracle Portal 

The portal is perfect for those trying to find guidance, explore deeper meanings into the universe, or wanting to find out things about themselves. SONIC BLOOM has put together 14 unique diviners who all come from different backgrounds. Starting in the morning and extending through the night, you will be blown away by what each of these teachers has to offer and will be blown away by the knowledge you inherit. 

Lineup: Rays of Sunshine (Rays of Sunshine Astrology), Julian Ocean (Mindful Awareness & Integration Therapy), Megan Sundragon (Love & Sex Advice Booth), Mystic McNugggz (Tarot Reading), Chad Hargrove (Mental & Emotional Freedom Through Forgiveness & Moral Principles) and more. 

Performance Art

If you are more interested in continuing to watch artists on stage, then this is right up your alley. As much as SONIC BLOOM’s music lineup offers a unique experience unlike anything, the performers take it up to another level. Whether it’s juggling lights, dancing with fire or transporting you to a hypnotic state, you will not find these types of acts anywhere else. 

Lineup: Zachsonfire, Devin Martin Performance Art, Veronicahypnotica, Soul Forge, Darshan Dance Company, EV Creatrix and more. 


Are you looking to get active and move or learn more about a certain topic? The numerous SONIC BLOOM workshops will allow you to do all that and more. These workshops embody the core belief of what the SONIC BLOOM brand is, and that is to create a unified community. You can learn how to hula hoop and then head over to learn about the power of art. The opportunities are endless. 

Lineup: Sejal S Sood (Mandalas in Movement), Daize Eleice (Hip Don’t Lie: A Bellydance Workshop to Unlock the Jips), Amy Conte (The Sonic Shuffle), Dolphin Kasper (Transformative Relating), Jessa Lin Rose (Awaken The Sensual Soul), Izz (Ceremonial Tea Workshop), Brigitte Mars (Missing Magical Energy) and more. 

Visual Art

If you feel more comfortable sitting back and just taking it all in but still want to experience something transformative and magical…you will love this. SONIC BLOOM books some of the best live painters in the industry. Their work can be found throughout Hummingbird Ranch as well on stage during the entire weekend. These artists will mesmerize you with their incredible ability to tell a story on just a single canvas and wow you with their beautiful use of colors. Their work will be the perfect photo opportunity for you and your group. 

Lineup: Amanda Sage, Danny Stephens, Kashi, Kirstie Connon, Hunter Haze, Ashley Macias, Sofi Rami and more. 

These are just a few things you can experience outside of the music while at SONIC BLOOM. There are many more things that the festival has to offer, and you can guarantee that you will never be bored. 

Check out the full experience lineup here. SONIC BLOOM 2023 is set to take place at Hummingbird Ranch in Colorado from June 15-18th. You can view the full music lineup below. Purchase your tickets here. 

Sonic Bloom 2023

Featured Image Credit: Eric Allen

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