The Blessed Madonna

The Blessed Madonna collaborates with Todd Edwards on the creative new offer ‘Fuck what u heard’: Listen

The Blessed Madonna surprises again with another explosive collaborative single, this time with the legendary Todd Edwards.

​The Blessed Madonna has released a whole series of fantastic singles. What they all have in common is the bubbly energy the artist exudes and the fact that they’re brilliant collaborations. Last year, The Blessed Madonna released the euphoric ‘Serotonin Moonbeams‘ featuring the blissful vocals of Uffie. This infectious tune was received with great enthusiasm as it was The Blessed Madonna’s first single in five years. It wasn’t long before the next release, this time featuring house legend Jamie Principle on the incredible and powerful ‘We Still Believe‘. Now, on the doorstep of the hottest season, The Blessed Madonna offers ‘Fuck what u heard‘ with garage legend Todd Edwards, already available on the usual platforms via Warner Music.

‘Fuck what u heard’ is a collaboration in the broad sense of the word. It is the very audible result of the symbiosis of these two great talents who, in equal measures, offer this track their captivating energy. It is an explosive bubble of creativity that will leave no one indifferent and manages to spread the same level of enthusiasm that the artists felt when producing it. About this collaboration, The Blessed Madonna says:

“It’s sort of everyone’s dream to work with Todd Edwards, right? What rational person with ears wouldn’t dream of a day with Todd the God. Well, I got more than I could have asked for. Todd’s vocal on this record came with a lesson on Todd’s signature method of microsampling and possibly the greatest hugs I’ve ever received in my life. Todd is not just a great artist, he’s a great friend and the love and admiration that I have for him, along with Big Hen from Joy Anonymous and my partner Pat Alvarez really shines through in this record.”

The composition of ‘Fuck what u heard’ is extremely creative, intricate and fun. The good mood is implicit and the cadence invites an uncompromising dance. The vocals are a combo between Edwards’ original vocals and the sample from Ray Hurley‘s ‘What Goes Around‘. It’s different, refreshing and party-ready. If you want to have fun to a good track, hit play below:

Image Credit: The Blessed Madonna Press / Provided by Measure PR UK