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Tiësto iconic ‘Adagio For Strings’ climbs back on Beatport top 100 chart 19 years after release

Tiësto has been an icon and institution of the global music and dance scene for decades now thanks to his incredible productions and ability to evolve and grow with an ever-changing industry.  Now one of his earliest singles has returned to the Beatport charts nearly two decades after its release.

While the long-time fans of Tiësto may continue to long for his early trance productions, he is looking forward, producing radio-ready house anthems that feature some of the biggest singers in pop music such as Charli XCX and Tate McRae as evidenced by his latest full-length album, Drive.  Of course that doesn’t mean his past has been forgotten, as his early works, especially his iconic album, Just Be, continue to resonate and be discovered by future generations as it is a landmark release in both the trance and general dance music scene.

The lasting impact of the album has now been revealed by the return of the album’s closing track, Adiago For Strings, making an appearance on the Beatport Top 100 Trance charts 19 years after its initial release.  Clocking in at nearly seven and a half minutes, Adagio For Strings has long been a standout track from the Dutch producer’s catalog, and an excellent example of his early trance roots, and the powerful offerings that helped elevate him to be one of the most legendary and successful artists in dance music.  While he has long moved on from the sounds and style that defined Just Be, the work remains a staple and must listen for anyone in the dance music scene.

With the recent release of Drive, it will no doubt encourage listeners to both discover and rediscover the iconic back catalog of Tiësto.  While he continues to look forward, it is exciting to see his early works continue to get the attention they rightfully deserve.  Celebrate the return of Adagio For Strings to the Beatport Top 100 by listening to it today!

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