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Tomorrowland launches new boutique record label ‘CORE Records’

Taking inspiration from the iconic CORE Festival in Brussels, and of course from their CORE Stage, Tomorrowland have just launched a brand new boutique label in the form of CORE Records. Crossing and fusing genres, cultures and boundaries, this latest initiative is one for the books.

Constantly innovating and further impacting the dance scene in their own unique and ever-so significant way, Tomorrowland have just launched a brand new boutique record label, in the form of CORE Records. Embodying a wider message through this latest initiative, the iconic festivals’ imprint has set out on crossing and fusing genres, cultures and boundaries, and what better way than a record label that will be dedicated to up and coming artists that also inspire on using the power of music in a manner that not only connects people, but also does through a manner that is different to the rest, and in turn allowing music lovers to witness only the most exciting and eclectic of projects.

Kick-starting proceedings by signing their first two acts from the get go, Berlin-based solo dandy producer Afriqua and Belgian electronic duo Mosley Jr., will be ensuring nothing less than the most feel-good and euphoric of vibes, as each present their respective debut tracks on CORE Records. Uniting fans alike with his electric productions and ever-so charismatic presence, Afriqua has blessed us all with the release of ‘LVSCK,’ a production taken from his upcoming ‘MAXI SINGLE‘ EP, where the combination of gleaming disco, energetic house and pulsing techno will have anyone feeling some type of way. Taking their music to even further dimensions, Mosley Jr offer an out of this world experience with each of their releases, and this is time is no different, as ‘Lonestar Retreat‘ will offer a sonic escape to a more creative reality. Consisting of Niels Blondeel (also known as AMyn) and Ijsbrand De Wilde (member of the band Stavroz), this duo ensure only the most captivating and enticing of auras.

Rooted deep from the iconic CORE Festival in Brussels, and of course from the CORE Stage at Tomorrowland, this latest initiative has arrived at the most fitting of times, and as you may have guessed we are all for it. Providing a platform for artists to freely express themselves through their music, CORE Records will broaden horizons and ultimately create openings for freely-minded individuals to gain opportunities and experiences that alike them may have never existed in such a form and of course scale. With CORE Festival taking place on the 28th of May, you can catch both Afriqua and Mosley Jr., as well as a wide range of highly-renowned acts, but in the meantime, make sure to visit the official CORE Records website here.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland / Provided By: Press

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