VVILLØ continues to grow on latest single ‘Wrong Road’: Listen

The evolution of electronic dance music is happening every day as more and more upcoming as well as established producers, look to blend genres and styles to craft new sounds and anthems for listeners. For the UK producer VVILLØ, this process is inherent in his DNA and style as he continues to showcase festival-ready anthems full of heart and emotion.

Teaming up with NALYRO and Levis Della, the three producers have crafted a single that musically is built for the summer months, both infectious yet dark and driving Wrong Road features a track that instantly grabs the listeners’ attention from its opening notes. The manipulated vocal chops over the intro provide intrigue before the vocals officially begin, detailing the story of a relationship gone wrong. VVILLØ discusses the circumstances and motivation behind writing the single with his partner:

“Wrong Road is a song about a relationship that seems to have not gone to plan. With manipulation and lies, one partner in the relationship sees it is time to end it while the other is lost and confused as to why things fell apart. My partner and I, ironically, wrote this break up song during our anniversary holiday. When we listen to this track, it always gives us memories of driving down long roads, creating the lyrics as we go. It always fills us both with so much joy. We both haven’t got tired of this track!”

It is a story that is relatable for many and provides a deeper meaning and connection for listeners, especially by the time the refrain of “I guess you chose the wrong road” bursts from the speakers.  The pulsing rhythms of the bass and percussion further drive the track, perfectly providing a foundation for the vocals, never letting up over the course of the single two minutes and forty seconds of music.

Be sure to check out Wrong Road, out now via Oxytime Records.

Image Credit: Press Photo/ Provided by VVILLØ

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