ZHU releases new single ‘Revelations’ with Devault & BabyJake: Listen

Ever since ZHU first burst onto the music scene, as a mysterious enigma that invaded the charts and playlists with his hypnotic debut single, Faded, the American-born producer has forged his own path while continuing to be a pioneer.  Following his aptly titled Musical Chairs Mixtape in 2022, which was released following a massive display of the popular children’s game, he returns with a sleek new single alongside two exciting collaborators.

ZHU has always been more than just sleek music production, having created an image and brand that perfectly embodies club life and a style that just oozes cool.  With his latest single, Revelations, he continues to build upon that brand, crafting a work that most closely resembles the dark pop grit that has made The Weeknd a global superstar.  The new release sees ZHU joining forces with Devault and BabyJake, who both bring their own energy to help full out the production.  Devault has been growing his own brand both within and outside his home of Los Angeles and teaming up with ZHU just further shines the spotlight on his already growing star.

For BabyJake, his smooth vocal delivery fits perfectly within the style and imagery that ZHU has built his own career upon.  The vocals are smooth and silky while offering a bit of mystery and intrigue with every line.  The track itself is a haunting journey as well, starting off with subtle tones and synths underneath the opening verse before growing as the chorus comes, delivering a steady dose of percussion, but never overwhelming the listener.  While the track never explodes in the way traditional dance music offers ‘drops,’ Revelations simply builds and carries the listener along, applying subtle sounds and treats to capture the mood and vibe.

While ZHU is teasing the imminent release of a new album, Revelations is yet another pristine release in his stellar catalog.



Image Credit: FifthLegend via Wikimedia Commons / Flickr | License: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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