Amelie Lens

Amelie Lens drops her highly anticipated first 2023 release ‘Feel It’: Listen

Amelie Lens returns to her label EXHALE for her first release of the year.

Techno royalty Amelie Lens is back to muddy the waters with a long-awaited release for her fans. ‘Feel It‘ is a powerful track that has been a staple of the Belgian artist’s performances since January. Now, after a long wait, the single is finally out and available for streaming and download on various platforms.
Amelie Lens, like her music, is always moving at a deliciously unsettling pace. Last year, she mesmerised with her single ‘Affection‘, which was part of the famous Global Underground compilation curated by Amelie last year. The artist then curated an exclusive compilation of fifteen tracks released on her label EXHALE, continuing the series of compilations. Amelie Lens’ label returns to the White Isle and the iconic venue DC-10 this year for a massive 8-week residency, which will take place every Wednesday from 26 July. For this residency, Amelie will be supported by techno heavyweights.
To sweeten the mouths of his fans and add more rhythm to this exciting festival season, Lens is finally releasing his first single of the year. ‘Feel It’ has been long awaited and it’s easy to see why. This single features lush percussion and hooky vocals that touch the soul.  Commenting on her first single of 2023, Amelie Lens said:

“The vocals on this track are special, as they truly describe how I feel about connecting with music. I have always been a raver at heart, so when I say come dance with me, I mean it! Seeing so many familiar faces on the dancefloor this summer will bring a smile to my face.” 

‘Feel It’ has a furious and progressive pace, which dictates a racy and explosive rhythm. Amelie Lens’ vocals are already her trademark and represent here the main hooky element of this single. The layers come in quietly so you can hear the voice that leads you to the feeling the song is trying to convey. It’s very raw and industrial, yet quite uplifting and immersive. It’s another wonderful and elegant piece of work with the signature of Amelie Lens.

Image Credit: Amelie Lens Press / Provided by Measure PR UK