Disclosure prepare to release 10th anniversary vinyl of debut album ‘Settle’

Disclosure is a unique duo in the dance music industry, relying on quality not quantity over their career, releasing just three full-length albums over the past decade. Despite the focused output, the brothers Guy & Howard Lawrence have made a major mark on the industry and are now getting set to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their iconic debut album.

For fans around the globe, the release of Settle was a transcendental moment, delivering a combination of house music and pop sensibilities that was unlike anything else being produced in the music industry. As the duo has evolved and progressed, delivering the more downbeat sophomore release Caracal, followed by the return to form on ENERGY, they showcase their pop sensibilities combined with their passion for dance and house music. As fans continue to anxiously await new music, Disclosure is currently celebrating its incredible history and focusing on the 10-year anniversary of its incredible debut album, Settle.  While the success of Caracal solidified the group’s status as a legend in the dance scene, it was Settle that opened the door to the group’s status amongst the genre’s elite producers.

Now, a decade later, Disclosure is celebrating the success of their debut album by releasing a special anniversary vinyl of their debut record.  Fans can now head over to the HMV webstore to secure their copy of the limited orange vinyl edition of Settle.  Containing the iconic single Latch, featuring the vocals of Sam Smith, Settle is a unique collection of house anthems, layered with a strong focus on the duo’s pop sensibilities.  The album initially earned a nomination for best dance/electronica album at the 2014 Grammys before going on to achieve platinum status in the British Phonographic Industry later in 2014.

The new vinyl is featured in a translucent orange vinyl and features four non-album tracks included for the first time. Be sure to order your copy today!


Image Credit: Disclosure / Provided by Outside Organisation

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