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Ed Sheeran reflects on co-writing David Guetta’s ‘Baby Don’t Hurt Me’

Talking on a French television show, Ed Sheeran opened up about working alongside David Guetta on his most recent release, ‘Baby Don’t Hurt Me,’ as well as reflecting on the impact that the legendary DJ/Producer has had on him as an artist. “I F*cking love David,” Sheeran says

Creating one mega hit after the other, David Guetta blessed us all with his most recent release in the form of ‘Baby Don’t Hurt Me‘ featuring Anne Marie and Coi Leray. Taking inspiration from Haddaway’s sample of the iconic 90’s track, ‘What Is Love,’ this latest production featured a wide arrange of writers and producers, with Ed Sheeran also playing his part in the making of this dance-floor filler. Constantly rising on the charts worldwide, ‘Baby Don’t Hurt Me’ combines those feel-good and catchy elements, whilst David Guetta’s unique style of play has also played its role in the success that this track has been receiving since its official release to the world.

With the legendary DJ/Producer’s talent requiring no further introduction, it is only fair to say that everyone he has ever collaborated with has only picked upon the genius mind that he possesses, as well as how charismatic and outgoing he is an person. Talking on a recent French television show, Ed Sheeran reflected on working alongside David Guetta, on more than one instance, and from the offset made it more than clear that he “F*cking loves David,” and that his enthusiasm to mastering his craft can be embodied on anyone who is lucky enough to not only spend time with him, but also get to watch the master in action when working together. Full praise, Guetta shared the clip on his Instagram account, and alongside it posted the following message in regards to thanking Ed Sheeran for his kind words;

“Thanks Ed Sheeran for the love!! It means a lot to me.. Writing ‘Baby Don’t Hurt Me’ with you was really inspiring. Can’t wait to share more with the world.”

A heart-warming relationship between both these superstars, we also cannot wait for all the future endeavours involving these legendary musicians, and all the joy that they will be spreading once again around their world through their love of music. With this said, be sure to check out the full clip of Ed Sheeran reflecting on working alongside David Guetta here, and don’t forget to leave us your own thoughts in the comments section.


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