GRiZ announces indefinite hiatus from touring

GRiZ has announced that he will be taking an indefinite hiatus from touring later this year. “I’m gonna make more time to nurture my relationship with myself and to my fam and friends that far too often I’ve ignored in place of my relationship with work,” the Colorado-based artist posted on Instagram Tuesday.

Grant Kwiecinski has turned the GRiZ into a tour de force in recent years within electronic music. His production brilliance, paired with his one-of-a-kind stage presence, has quickly ascended him into the top echelon of DJs. With recent albums such as ‘Rainbow Brain’ and ‘Chasing The Golden Hour, Pt. 4,’ he became one of the most beloved artists due to his unique bass and funk infusions. With a slew of impressive summer and early fall tour stops on the schedule set to happen soon, GRiZ took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce that he will be officially taking an indefinite hiatus from touring and the project as a whole.

The announcement comes as a shock as Kwiecinski’s spotlight is arguably the brightest it has ever been, but the decision has come with universal praise as fans have applauded the superstar DJ for prioritizing himself and his family over excessive work. There are currently 15 GRiZ shows scheduled through September, including appearances at Bonnaroo, Shambhala, Bass Canyon and Breakaway. He stated that his final performance will come as a headlining show in October, with details to be announced later this week. Kwiecinski went on to mention that popular events such as GRiZMAS, Space Camp or New Year’s Eve shows will no longer take place this year or the next and possibly further beyond that.

“Life is really good, and often I make myself too busy to see just where I am and how far this project has come. I’m following my gut instincts so for now, I’m not going to put a hard time limit length on the break.” – GRiZ, Instagram

However, even though Kwiecinski stated that this hiatus is for the foreseeable future, he assured fans that he will continue to produce music under the GRiZ project during the break. When that would be released is currently unknown.

Check out the entire statement from GRiZ on his Instagram below.



Image Credit: GRiZ (Press) / Provided by FRANZ.MP3 PR

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