John Summit

John Summit single ‘Where You Are’ gets a remix from GRiZ: Listen

For fans and fellow artists in dance music, it has been impossible to ignore the meteoric rise of John Summit, as his live shows and productions are as memorable as his incredibly open social life, becoming a true icon of the social media era for his continuous commentary and party lifestyle. While the social media side of his career has been massive in helping him connect with fans around the world, his associations with major artists and headline gigs reaffirm his talents as an artist and producer.

Early this year, John Summit released one of his most highly anticipated singles, the beautiful vocal track, Where You Are which features Hayla’s soaring melodies over his house production. Having previously worked with her voice on his remix of the Kx5 single, Escape, the pair were a perfect match for collaboration and the track has been his most successful to date, expanding upon the sound and style that helped launch his career. Now the single is getting an exciting remix from one of the scene’s most talented and unique producers, GRiZ, who adds his dubstep influences to the original for a high-energy take on the track.

Replacing the pulsing synths of the original with subtle chimes, leads, and a reverberated vocal line, GRiZ adds subtlety and nuance to the opening verse that builds quicker, ramping up the production for the pre-chorus as he adds massive building percussion under a full wall of synths for the chorus. This gives way to the bass and synth stabs of the drop, a much larger style production than John Summit’s original, yet it still offers the vocals the space and energy needed to deliver the message and emotion of the track.

Based on the reaction from John Summit and the crowd at his recent Brooklyn Mirage gig, it appears that the GRiZ remix will remain a live staple for the forseeable future.

Image Credit: John Summit (Press) / Provided by Rephlektor

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