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REZZ & deadmau5 are working on new music after ‘Hypnocurrency’

Naturally luring listeners into a trance-like state phasing deep into space at a downtempo speed and abruptly landing in another dimension of pure synth and energy, REZZ is the one we trust both on and off the stage. After collaborating with the mastermind known as deadmau5 for ‘Hypnocurrency,’ REZZ has confirmed on socials that she will be working on new music in the studio with deadmau5.

With a dark and mystical approach to her production style, REZZ has built a global fan base and continues to throw down at headline shows and festivals across the world. After collaborating with deadmau5 for their viral hit ‘Hypnocurrency’ and even announcing playing back-to-back at shows together which is insane, Rezz has confirmed she will be working on new music with deadmau5 while in Toronto, Canada. Yes, you read that right. The hype and anticipation is real as Rezz and deadmau5 have proven to be the perfect match with their ever-evolving sound design and production skills.

Creativity and innovation clearly seem to be in this Space Mom’s favor as she has continued to grow her loyal fan base known as the “Cult of REZZ.” Whether you have had the unique experience of being drawn into her world of deep underground space-like vibes or being blessed by the legend known as deadmau5 as he puts on an impeccable live audio-visual experience, both artists have made their mark and we cannot wait for more collaborations to be revealed. So far, REZZ has confirmed on her social channels that she will be visiting deadmau5 and working on new music at his studio in Toronto.

With the anticipation building, be sure to check out the official announcement below and let us know if you are excited in the comments.


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