Chainsmokers Friens

The Chainsmokers go hard on new single ‘Self Destruction Mode’: Listen

When The Chainsmokers finished up the touring and release of their third full-length album, World War Joy, they had been on an impressive run of output, barely stopping between albums as they descended to the top of the dance music and pop charts.  Then the duo of Alex Pall and Drew Taggert took a three-year hiatus from music, staying quiet throughout the pandemic and beyond until the release of their fourth album, So Far So Good in early 2022.

With such a deep back catalog, and hits ranging from the tongue-in-cheek Selfie to the mass breakout single Closer, the duo have been comfortable taking chances with their music while staying true to the house melodies and beats that launched their career.  In the build-up to their latest single, Self Destruction Mode, The Chainsmokers shared a clip to social media saying “They asked for a classic Chainsmokers drop.”  While The Chainsmokers don’t miss with their music, they have evolved, and the energy and power of the drop on the new single invokes feelings more like their early works than the more melodic beats on So Far So Good.

Enlisting the vocals of bludnymph on the opening verse, the duo returns to their popular “duet” style of writing, with Taggert taking over for the chorus and second verse, a formula that was perfected on Closer with Halsey and continues to serve their songs well.  Opening with the chorus, listeners are immediately confronted with the dark pop energy and imagery of the track as bludnymph and Taggert sing, “I woke up in self-destruction mode, I press go and I do it again, I love my sins, they’re all I know, we got closer than all of my friends.”  Lyrically, it harkens back to the Sick Boy era of the group, while the heavy drop and automated vocals throughout truly do make this feel like a “classic Chainsmokers drop.”

Be sure to check out Self Destruction Mode out now.

Image Credit: Miller Mobley / Provided by Vanessa Menkes Communications

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