ATB and KSHMR spotted in the studio

In an exciting turn of events, two huge EDM DJs, ATB and KSHMR, have recently been spotted hanging out together in the studio. This has sparked speculation about a possible collaboration. These two artists each have their own unique style and fan bases, and making music together would make many music lovers excited.

ATB recently posted a picture of each other in which he says:

“Hanging in my studio with the sound legend himself @kshmr” – ATB Facebook Page

With this post, came a lot of excited people in the comments about how amazing this collaboration will be. ATB is known for its famous trance sound and hits like “9 PM (Till I Come)” and “Ecstasy”. His music has been around since the late 1990s so he has been in the game for many years. ATB’s uplifting tracks have been played on endless dance floors and festivals around the world. On the other hand, KSHMR has been famous for his signature big room sound.  His tracks, like “Secrets,” “Megalodon,” and “Wildcard,” have dominated festival stages for numerous years.  Both ATB and KSHMR have achieved remarkable success in their careers and their paths have finally crossed.

Fans of both artists have been patiently waiting for hints about these two coming up with a hit in the studio. The release of this picture together and the caption will no doubt result in an amazing track. ATB’s melodies and KSHMR’s famous big room sound will be a game-changer in the EDM world. Collabs like these are not uncommon in this industry and they always bring a breath of fresh air. Only time will tell what these two will come up with, and surely it will be nothing short of what is expected of them! While the excitement continues to build throughout their fanbase, these two are making an exceptional tune.

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