MSG Sphere to debut with Independence Day display

MSG Sphere in Las Vegas will officially debut its exosphere LED screen with an exclusive 4th of July display.

Five years and 2 billion dollars later, Las Vegas’ MSG Sphere will officially reveal its exosphere LED screen with a special Independence Day display. It’s officially on schedule to open this September with the legendary Dublin band U2 being the first artists to make the sphere their residency from September through December 2023. Details of the presentation are pretty slim at the moment but the Las Vegas Review-Journal quoted a press release stating that the “vivid canvas will display stunning and dynamic imagery unlike anything ever seen before – all at an unparalleled scale”. The display will start at 8:30 PM on Tuesday.

Videos of the sphere’s testing have started surfacing on social media. A simple “hello world” greeted everyone around it amidst red and black lights.


What exactly is the MSG Sphere? Well, the creators behind the sphere, Madison Square Garden Entertainment explained what the sphere is on their website:

“With approximately 17,500 seats – including 10,000 immersive seats – and a scalable capacity of around 20,000 guests, MSG Sphere at The Venetian will become the venue of choice for a wide variety of content, including attractions, concerts, residencies, product launches, and sporting events. In addition to the world’s highest-resolution LED screen, MSG Entertainment has developed a multi-layered audio system equipped with more than 160,000 speakers that utilize beamforming technology to deliver targeted, crystal-clear, and consistent audio to every seat in the house.”

Alongside all that, MSG Sphere offers multi-sensory technologies including immersive seating, evocative scents, and changing temperatures to take the storytelling to a whole another level.

As mentioned above, U2 will have the grand honor to be the first-ever artist to grace the stage of the MSG Sphere when it officially opens its gates to the world in September. Their residency will be centered around their world-famous album, Achtung Baby. As well as U2, Sphere’s CEO James Dolan is reportedly working to persuade legendary American band Phish into booking a residency. Maybe in the future big names in electronic music will also be able to perform there.


Image Credit: MSG Sphere

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