Westwood Recordings celebrates 10-year anniversary with special releases: Listen

One of the world’s most efficient Indie labels, Westwood Recordings, celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a stream of special releases entitled ’10 Years Of Westwood Recordings’.  The album consists of songs from The Funk Hunters, Defunk, Moontricks, Stickybuds, K Theory, LIINKS, and many more.

Vancouver-based Westwood Recordings celebrates 10 years of the label’s stunning achievements with a month-long schedule of special releases, starting with ’10 Years of Westwood Recordings’an album that perfectly complements the label’s party-ready but sonically very diverse sound. Featuring tracks from label bosses The Funk Hunters as well as Defunk, Moontricks, K Theory, Stickybuds, Kotek, LIINKS, and SugarBeats, Westwood truly pulls out all the stops for this one.

Opening with Freak’ from The Funk Hunters and Defunk, the release kicks off with grimy basslines and serrating synths with catchy distorted vocals. The journey continues with Moontricks’ funky swing-influenced midtempoNebulizer’ and K Theory’s Outlaws’, which incorporates hip-hop vocals into ethereal bass music melodies. Then over to Stickybuds’ funky organic electronica ‘Family Man’, featuring Glen David Andrews, and later onward to Kotek‘s drum & bass sounds in the form of ‘Dance With Me’The album concludes with LIINKS’ balladesque One Thing About Me’ and the closing SugarBeats‘ ‘Wild Cat for a dark, grimy, and headbanging good time.

Celebrating 10 years of Westwood feels surreal. It is a milestone I’m really proud of. What started as a passion project for our own music has grown into a community of artists, creatives, and like-minded music lovers that has exceeded every expectation I’ve had. This month-long celebration is a showcase of the best of the past, the present, and the future. I can’t wait to see where the next 10 years take us”, says Nick Middleton, CEO & Co-Founder of Westwood Recordings.

Stream the album to celebrate here.


Image Credit: Mack Vargas, Logan Anderson via Unfolded PR