Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton addresses criticism of faking her set mid performance

During her performance at Tomorrowland, Paris Hilton faced critics in the crowd accusing her of playing pre-recorded sets. She quickly responded with a rebuttal on the mic.

On the final day of Weekend 2 of Tomorrowland, Paris Hilton brought her energy to the Library stage for a stellar performance. A Tiktok was recently posted showing Hilton responding to criticism during the performance. Some in the crowd did not believe that Hilton was playing a live set and instead had simply pressed play on a pre-recorded set. The duo in the crowd criticized Hilton via homemade flags to spread negativity. This didn’t sit well with Hilton and she quickly got on the mic to dedicate a portion of her set to just those fans, stating,

“This is dedicated to the 2 haters at the front holding signs saying I’m not playing live, ’cause honey, yes I fucking am.”

Hilton then continued on, saying,

“Sorry I’m a girl, I’m hot, I’m blonde. We can do everything. Go hate on someone else.”

The message was received in an overwhelmingly positive regard as the crowd erupted with cheers for the artist.

Paris Hilton is no rookie when it comes to performing DJ sets, having started her dj professional career 11 years ago playing her first show at Brazil’s Pop Music Festival. Since then she’s gone on to perform at Tomorrowland on numerous occasions and Abracadabra festival among other smaller outings.

Despite his criticism upon her initial debut, Deadmau5 inadvertently came to Hilton’s defense just 2 years ago in a live stream. When asked about DJs performing recorded sets, Deadmau5 had this to say,

“[At] most major festivals you have to play a pre-recorded set. Like EDC [Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas], I would be surprised if somebody actually played a set that wasn’t pre-recorded to be honest, because there’s such a big deal to the fucking artist in the production schedule and the timeline and all that stuff that they wouldn’t wanna fuck up.” Deadmau5 continues, “You know what a dead giveaway is to a pre-recorded set? The visuals, believe it or not. When shit is so immaculately timed that everything is lining up, that means everything is on a playback system,” he explains. “What do they do up there? Twiddle filter knobs and clap, yes absolutely. That’s all you can do.”

Image Credit: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas via Flickr | License: Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)