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Armin van Buuren calls upon Maddix for a smashing remix of ‘Computers Take Over The World’: Listen

After months of building up the hype on social media, Armin van Buuren finally unleashed one of the remixes of the year in the form of a smashing Maddix rendition of Computers Take Over The World.

“And now, give me some techno”. A single one-liner, coupled with some nasty acid, was enough for the excitement to completely erupt among both Maddix and Armin van Buuren fans. We’re talking about the official Maddix remix of Armin van Buuren’s AI-inspired track Computers Take Over The World, released in September of 2022. The arousal began when Maddix shared a clip on his Instagram of Armin playing the remix in his ASOT set at Ultra Miami this year. The video went abnormally viral, with 250,000 likes and counting.

Maddix used his already recognizable style of production and incorporated it into this remix. With powerful kicks and intense acid synths, he elevated the original to new heights, which further proves why Armin van Buuren keeps playing this version instead of his own original. This remix will cater to Armin fans who want to learn more about the more serious acid-driven style of Maddix and techno in general. On the other hand, Maddix fans definitely know what to expect since he has been using his signature acid in some of his chart-topping hits such as ACID with Hardwell and LucianaHeute Nacht, and more.

Prior to the release, Armin and Maddix have built up a strong connection which resulted in Armin inviting Maddix over to A State Of Trance for a live guestmix, which suggests that the pair may hopefully work on some interesting projects in the future.

Armin van Buuren is gearing up for his third show of the Ibiza season at Ushuaïa this Sunday, September 17th. Maddix, on the other hand, finished his DJ Mag campaign tour in Austria at the Prater Dome in Vienna this week which doesn’t mean his touring is over. He still has many more tour dates, including shows at Dreamstate in Sydney and Melbourne, the prestige Marquee Club in Singapore, and above all his EDC Orlando debut in November. It’s inevitable that the Computers Take Over The World remix will keep making waves and if you aren’t attending any shows to hear it live, there’s always the link down below.


Image Credit: SNDR / Provided by Armada PR

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