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CRSSD Festival Fall 2023: Five Must-See Techno Artists

Just one week is left until CRSSD Festival Fall 2023 kicks off in San Diego! Get ready to amp up your excitement as we unveil the techno acts you simply can’t afford to miss!

As the leaves begin to change and the summer festival season draws to a close, house and techno enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the arrival of CRSSD Festival Fall 2023, set to take place September 23-24. Situated against the picturesque backdrop of San Diego’s Waterfront Park, this biannual celebration of dance music has become a staple for music lovers seeking cutting-edge sounds and an unforgettable atmosphere. With the fall edition just around the corner, it’s time to dive deeper into the lineup and highlight the techno artists who promise to electrify the stage and keep the dancefloor pulsating. 

Patrick Mason

Berlin-based DJ Patrick Mason’s infectious and highly energizing live hybrid sets have conquered dancefloors across the globe, offering listeners a captivating journey through house and techno. His musical journey began on the dance floors of iconic Berlin venues like Berghain, where he honed his skills and embraced the city’s electrifying nightlife culture. Now, Patrick Mason’s influence has extended far beyond Berlin, as he ignites dancefloors across the globe with his tracks such as ‘Elevate,’Black on Black,’ and ‘Talking 2 B Mad.’ 


Boys Noize

Alexander Ridha, better known as Boys Noize, is the embodiment of a techno punk, a nomadic explorer straddling multiple musical realms. This Berlin-based DJ and producer embarked on his DJ journey at the young age of 15, channeling a teenager’s fervent love for house and techno onto the global stage. His electrifying sets have ignited the world’s most colossal stages such as the techno sanctuary of Berlin’s Berghain to the grandeur of Fuji Rock in Japan, all on his own terms. Prepare for an unforgettable dancefloor experience when Boys Noize takes the stage and plays his records such as Fine Day Anthem with Skrillex, his rework of Bananarama’s ‘Venus,’ and ‘Chastity’ with Pussy Riot and Alice Glass.


Amelie Lens

Belgian techno sensation Amelie Lens has been making waves throughout the festival season this year with her signature dark and relentless beats that captivate audiences worldwide. Her performances are known for their intense, hypnotic allure, and Amelie Lens’s undeniable talent has earned her a well-deserved place on the main stage of prestigious festivals like Tomorrowland. Her headlining performance at the City Steps stage is poised to be a sonic journey that will linger in the memories of festival-goers long after the beats have faded. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this techno luminary in action at CRSSD Festival, where her tracks such as ‘Feel It,’ ‘In My Mind,’ and ‘Higher,’ will mesmerize the minds of many.


Charlotte de Witte

Belgian techno heavyweight Charlotte de Witte is renowned for her uncompromising and infectious techno sound, which has become a sonic beacon in today’s electronic music scene. Her relentless work ethic has solidified her status as one of the most sought-after names in the industry. With tracks like ‘Formula,’Reflection,’ ‘High Street,’ and her captivating remix of The Age of Love with Enrico Sangiuliano setting dancefloors worldwide ablaze, Charlotte de Witte’s impact on the global techno landscape is undeniable. Her sets are not merely performances but sonic odysseys that elevate the senses and transport audiences to transcendent realms. As she prepares to grace the decks at CRSSD Festival, there’s no doubt that her appearance will for sure be a highlight of the event.


Enrico Sangiuliano

Italian techno virtuoso Enrico Sangiuliano is recognized for his boundary-pushing soundscapes and enthralling live performances that push the limits of techco music. His releases such as ‘Like An Old Dog,’ ‘Future Dust,’ ‘Astral Projection,’ and ‘Symbiosis’ are testaments to his prowess in crafting immersive techno journeys that resonate with listeners. Enrico Sangiuliano’s sets are not just performances, they are electrifying and mind-bending experiences that challenge preconceptions and take the audience in attendance on a mesmerizing journey. His presence at CRSSD Festival is a guiding light for those seeking a transformative sonic adventure that transcends the ordinary, making him an absolute must-see artist.


With such a diverse and talented lineup, CRSSD Festival Fall 2023 promises to be a techno lover’s dream, featuring some of the most exciting and innovative artists in the genre. Get ready for a weekend of pure musical magic! Weekend passes and single-day passes for CRSSD Festival Fall 2023 are currently sold out. Those still looking for passes can purchase them via the official Lyte ticket exchange here. Who are you looking forward to seeing the most? Check out the full lineup down below. Visit CRSSD Festival’s website for the full details regarding the event here.


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