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Dirty South & Julia Church deliver new single ‘Home In My Hand’: Listen

In the constantly changing landscape of EDM, there are always a few artists who manage to carve out a unique niche for themselves. Dirty South, the Serbian-Australian DJ and producer, is undoubtedly one of these artists. His ability to blend different genres and create emotions from listening to his tracks has earned him a dedicated fanbase.

Now, he has teamed up with the talented singer-songwriter Julia Church to bring us their latest masterpiece, “Home In My Hand.” This track was released on Lane 8’s label “This Never Happened”, and it definitely lives up to what this label stands for.

“Home In My Hand” is a melodic gem that immediately captures the listener with its dreamy and emotional atmosphere. The track begins with soft, delicate piano chords that set a contemplative tone. Julia Church’s vocals join in, mixing the song with a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion. Her voice effortlessly glides over the music, drawing the listener into the story of the song. Along with this, Dirty South’s production skills are incredible and they’re shown through this song here. He weaves layers of electronic elements throughout the track, creating a rich musical experience. As the song progresses, the beat intensifies, building a sense of anticipation and euphoria. The production perfectly complements Julia Church’s vocals, enhancing the impact of the song.

As the EDM community continues to evolve and push boundaries, “Home In My Hand” serves as a reminder that there is always room for heartfelt, emotive music in the scene. Dirty South and Julia Church have given us a song that not only sounds beautiful but also touches the soul. It’s a track that invites you to close your eyes, get lost in the music, and find your own sense of “home” within it. Fans will hopefully get to hear this played at huge musical festivals across the globe!

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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