House Music Essentials Vol. 21 featuring NITTI, Revaeon & more

Back with another edition of House Music Essentials, We Rave You is pleased to welcome a few top-tier artists absolutely crushing it in the music industry. This month features globally recognized producers NITTI, Revaeon, a.k.a. skips, and Electric Polar Bears.  Be sure to update your playlists as these artists have been bringing the heat as we close off the summer.

We Rave You is pleased to present our sixteenth edition of House Music Essentials featuring a few artists who have been revolutionizing the music scene. Calling all those listeners looking to update your playlist with tracks to keep you fueled with energy, this month we are welcoming  world-class artists NITTI, Revaeon, a.k.a. skips, and Electric Polar Bears.

NITTI – ‘That’s Right’

It is extremely rare to find an artist who is able to jump from genre to genre with infectious releases like the DJ-producer hybrid known as NITTI. With a Latin Grammy under his belt and two iconic collaborative side projects, NITTI has become a household name in the world of music. Now this gifted innovator has returned back to his roots with his new bass house single, “That’s Right” via Huh Money Recs. “That’s Right” is highly reminiscent of the assortment of bangers NITTI released when first bursting out onto the scene. However, it incorporates new-age soundscapes as well, showcasing his unrivaled creativity and massive growth he has made as a sound engineer. The track kicks off with simple yet energetic vocals that are intertwined with snares, cymbals, and thrilling effects. Then, NITTI executes a stellar buildup that possesses the ability to captivate immense crowds. Paying homage to the vintage NITTI style, it follows with an electrifying sequence of a bass house drop. The excitement doesn’t stop there; NITTI constantly switches things up on the listener, closing out the song with a heavy dubstep-powered progression that will make the ground shake.

“I am finally back to releasing new music consistently and have been waiting forever to release this one because it takes you back to the OG NITTI energy. If you don’t hear it yet, just wait for the last drop!” – NITTI

Revaeon – ‘Fell Into You’ featuring Emily Falvey

The multitalented artist Revaeon has shown the sky is truly the limit when it comes down to his production capabilities. Bringing that feel-good energy to his global fan base and continuing to be motivated to push his signature ever-evolving sound forward, Revaeon is the one we trust to provide listeners an out-of-this-world experience no matter what time of the day it is. After releasing electrifying tunes such as “The Energy” and “Breathe,” Revaeon is back with a true summer anthem. Calling upon singer and songwriter Emily Falvey, Revaeon has crafted his feel-good single “Fell Into You” released on Seal Network label.

With its signature progressive sound, epic buildups, massive synths, and emotional lyrics, “Fell Into You” is sure to grab your attention at the start and keep you singing along until the end. As Falvey’s captivating vocals immediately get listeners into their feels, Revaeon’s surpasses all boundaries and brings out a melodic bass feel to the single. A breathtaking single which will only be played on repeat, keep an eye out for Revaeon as he further cements himself into the industry as an artist to watch in 2023.

a.k.a. skips – ‘If The DJ Let Me’

SF-bred/LA-based underground rave producer a.k.a. skips is further breaking out of his shell. Under his previous, hyper-electronic alias Ducky, the creative polymath spent a decade building an impressive resume that included collaborations with artists such as Jauz and MUST DIE!; performances at festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, EDC Las Vegas, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza; tours alongside heavy-hitters like Anna Lunoe, Mija, Kayzo, and NGHTMRE; and releases on vaunted labels such as Deadbeats, Astralwerks, Dim Mak, Activia Benz, Spinnin, NEST (OWSLA sister label), and more. Now, after retiring the Ducky project in 2021 and taking a two-year hiatus to privately transition as a man, the producer/painter/photographer/tattoo artist has reemerged this year with a gauntlet of new artistic ventures. In May, the artist launched the a.k.a. skips moniker with two throwback 90s-warehouse bangers: “F.T.N.U.” and “My Only Mistake,” two incendiary, queer-oriented electronic cuts that introduced audiences to the new alias in grand fashion.

Continuing the project’s 2023 ascent, a.k.a. skips is gearing up to release Jawfiller – his debut EP under the new alias. Having already established a vintage, brooding rave sound, Jawfiller promises to showcase a diverse collection of tracks that push a.k.a. skips into new sonic directions while retaining his core mission: to push the boundaries of dance music through an unapologetically queer lens. Listeners got their first taste of Jawfiller with the EP’s lead single, “I.T.C.T.M.,” – a playful club banger that is as infectious as it is subversive. Today, a.k.a. skips unveils “If The DJ Let Me,” a gritty, propulsive house track that’s filled to the brim with dusty breakbeats, ethereal synth pads, and nostalgic chord progressions – a combination that further expands a.k.a. skips’ sonic repertoire. “If The DJ Let Me” kicks off with atmospheric production containing otherworldly sound design and pensive, futuristic synth melodies. The track then builds with a heart-pumping riser and central vocal refrain, with the producer repeating, “I get high when the beat gets heavy/I don’t mind if the dancefloor’s empty/I just vibe if the DJ lets me” – lyrics that perfectly accompany the carefree energy of the song.

Electric Polar Bears – ‘Motion’

Electric Polar Bears are pushing their project into new sonic directions. Since releasing their first music in 2021, and playing their first show at Groove Cruise in 2017, the Electric Polar Bears (who go by the names Zero and Snowball) have made a name for themselves with their unique thematic approach. Their mythology, which is inspired by polar landscapes and the raw, untamed energy of nature, has translated to real-world achievements and a renowned reputation; with claims of an Antarctic lab headquarters where they concoct perfect party-throwing strategies, the polar-bear-headed duo have become known for stand-out shows that combine 3000 LED heads, powerful confetti cannons, dazzling lasers, frost machines, and a dedicated penguin parade backdropped by bouncy house beats.

Electric Polar Bears unveiled the EP’s second single, “Motion,” a vintage house cut incorporating nostalgic sound design imbued with shimmering, futuristic production. This track is an homage to the duo’s passion for classic house music sounds; created on a trip to an isolated cabin where they began reflecting on their musical journey, they wanted to bridge a gap between the types of electronic music they initially loved with their current, modern sensibilities. “Motion” kicks off with spacey, whirling synth pads that slowly guide the song into a contagious pitched-down vocal sample accompanied by clapping hi-hats. Then, the track quickly drops into an energetic, vigorous bassline that transports the listener into a packed nightclub with lyrics, “Put your body in motion/You know what I like/Put your body in motion/Let’s get it on tonight,” words that connect with the listener both physically and emotionally, whether that be on the dance floor or in their soul.

Beyond packing out dance floors, Electric Polar Bears are dedicated to philanthropic endeavors and leveraging their platform to make a positive impact on the world. For their most recent charitable act, the duo have announced they will be donating 10 percent of their streaming revenue for the remainder of 2023 to’s Antarctica marine protection initiative – an initiative to protect vital Antarctic ecosystems and deliver the largest act of ocean protection in history.

Photo Credits: Koury Angelo

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