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John Summit launches ‘Experts Only Records’: a new era in house music

John Summit, the dynamic force in the house music scene, has embarked on a thrilling new chapter in his career, unveiling “Experts Only Records” as the brand that will define the next era of his musical journey.

In a significant move marking the next phase of his career, John Summit has officially introduced “Experts Only Records” as the new brand that will carry his legacy forward. Over the past few years, Summit has been a driving force in the house music scene, consistently reaching new heights with his unparalleled energy and talent. From electrifying performances at some of the world’s largest festivals to dropping chart-topping tracks like “Where You Are” with Hayla and the recent gem, “Fade Out” with MKLA, John Summit has captivated audiences worldwide.

During this incredible journey, Summit established his own label and event brand, “Off The Grid.” However, a legal hurdle arose when another promoter in the scene had already trademarked the same name, prompting Summit’s team to receive a cease and desist order.

After resolving the trademark issue, John Summit made the official announcement that “Off The Grid” would undergo a transformation into something new. The release of “Fade Out” served as a poignant farewell to the beloved brand, leaving fans eager to discover what the future held for the Chicago-born artist.

Today, the suspense has come to an end as John Summit unveiled the exciting details about “Experts Only Records.” This new platform will not only serve as the home for John Summit’s releases but also as the label for his curated events. Summit’s vision for “Experts Only Records” is to push boundaries, combining music and events without limitations, while also nurturing rising talents from across the globe.

In a statement shared on X (formerly Twitter), John Summit expressed his enthusiasm for the venture, saying, “We’re taking what we learned over the past year and taking things to new heights. Music and events without limits and a home for rising talent across the world. The next chapter begins now.”

To reflect this fresh start, all of “Off The Grid’s” social media profiles have been rebranded as “Experts Only.” Additionally, the official website now features a range of new merchandise items for fans to explore. Excitement is building as fans eagerly anticipate future releases and updates from John Summit and his innovative new brand. Stay connected by following “Experts Only Records” for the latest news and music experiences on the horizon.

Image Credit: John Summit (Press) / Provided by Rephlektor

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