JVNA drops second album is here entitled ‘Play With You’: Listen

American-Taiwanese artist JVNA has just released her second studio album entitled ‘Play With You’, out now on all streaming platforms.

Coming off her previous release ‘Hope In Chaos‘, JVNA embodies a multitude of emotions with her latest full-length work ‘Play With You’.  The eleven-track album showcases a variety of production techniques as well as genre-bending grooves embedded within each song.  Citing her single ‘Play With You‘ as originally being inspired by a demonic gamer-girl, JVNA turns the narrative on its head by stating “I often face a lot of issues, and I feel like it’s constantly a boys club. I talk about overthrowing the patriarchy in this song with the lyrics ‘The boys think that I’m here for company, but I’m conducting all the symphonies. I’m the final boss that’s gonna tear them down.” 

Each track dives deeper into the portrayal of an other-worldly presence, such as the tracks ‘The World Is Mine’, and ‘Demon Time‘ featuring CHYL and Demie The Destroyer. Other tracks like ‘Hellfire’, ‘City Ruins’, and ‘Shrine‘ also offer an ethereal feel with a driving beat that keeps the tracks moving forward.  JVNA also teams up with HALIENE for ‘Take Your Throne’ for a dubstep-infused anthemic song that is hand-delivered by HALIENE’s choral-like vocals in addition to JVNA’s.

This album fuels the feminine fire and offers anecdotal songs that enlighten every woman’s inner badass. Take a listen to ‘Play With You’ here.


Image Credit: Press / Provided by Unfolded PR