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Peggy Gou’s mass summer hit ‘Nanana’ receives the Nanadub version: Listen

On 29 September the vinyl release of Peggy Gou’s massive summer hit “Nanana” was released featuring the “Nanadub” version.

The much-anticipated vinyl release has arrived for Peggy Gou’s mass summer house hit “Nanana” available everywhere now including the justly awaited Nanadub version.

This summer, several house tracks have topped the charts, including “Nanana” by South Korean DJ and record producer Kim Min-ji, known artistically as Peggy Gou. The uplifting sound of “Nanana (It Goes Like)” has indeed taken the world by storm, reaching the top 10 in the UK within weeks, reaching number 39 on Australia’s Club Tracks (ARIA), and taking the second spot in Lithuania (AGATA). Peggy Gou’s career had already taken off, but this year she showed her talent with this song, demonstrated at Ultra Japan 2023, among other events. However, earlier in September, she announced with XL Recordings that a vinyl release of the song would be coming soon. It wasn’t long before she made a big announcement to the public on 29 September: “Hello from Paris! Nanana vinyl is available everywhere now 🫶🏻”.

Recently, not only the vinyl version was released to the delight of fans, but also an official music video for Nanana was published on Thursday. Also “Nanadub” was released, which mainly follows an instrumental line within the dub style. Of course, in keeping with the dub style, the cool vocals have disappeared from the song, but by slightly reshaping the original sound and moving it into the Deep House genre, Peggy Gou has once again created something new. At the time of writing, the original track already has more than 200 million listens on Spotify, putting it at number one on her own charts, ahead of “Starry Night”, released in 2019. So, now that the vinyl edition has been released, the 2-track issue is available for order on XL Recordings’ webshop.

Image Credit: Peggy Gou Press / Provided by Measure PR UK

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