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Swedish House Mafia complete ‘Ray Of Solar’ remix pack with Anfisa Letyago edit: Listen

Swedish House Mafia have dropped the third, and final, remix for their hit track Ray Of Solar. The Swedes enlisted Anfisa Letyago for this one, and she delivered a hard-hitting techno interpretation.

After 2 sensational remixes for Ray Of Solar from Mau P and Alex Wann Sasson, Swedish House Mafia has decided to round off the remixes with yet another amazing remix. This time around, the Russian techno sensation Anfisa Letyago got the honor to put her signature touch on the already breathtaking original. It’s fair to say that she met all expectations as she turned Ray Of Solar into a powerful techno version.

The strategy Swedish House Mafia has been using for this remix pack has been wonderfully paced. Alex Wann & Sasson delivered an emotional tribal house rendition, while Mau P slightly upped the intensity and delved into the world of melodic techno with his remix. Anfisa Letyago remix, on the other hand, is the hardest of all 3. She expertly worked her magic and concocted a vigorous peak-time techno version which includes a lot of vocal chops taken from the original vocal. The melody she created with the vocal chops is simple but effective and it accompanies the kick well. Swedish House Mafia shared a clip on Facebook of Anfisa playing the remix and it’s evident to see that everyone is satisfied with it.

What’s next for the Swedes? The trio has teased their third studio album MAFIA to come out at the end of summer but there has been no further speculation or information about it. The final batch of Swedish House Mafia shows for this year is coming up from the end of October all the way to the start of December which includes endeavors into Mexico City, Bogota, and Pretoria in South Africa. Energy in those shows is sure to hit an all-time high since it is known that South American crowds have a passion for electronic music like no one else. While we eagerly await those shows, you can listen to Anfisa Letyago’s remix of Ray Of Solar down below.

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