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Alison Wonderland & QUIX deliver bass-heavy single ‘Wake Up’: Listen

When it comes to making music, Alison Wonderland has always been transparent with her audience and delivers a raw, emotive, yet heavy-bass sound to her fan base which is the reason we fell in love with her music from the start. Joining forces with trap legend QUIX, Alison Wonderland, and QUIX have released their enticing collaboration ‘Wake Up.’

Winning the hearts of many around the globe with her ever-evolving sound design and unmatched energy, Alison Wonderland is truly one-of-a-kind in the music industry. Her production is as explosive as it is delicate, channeling intricate, uncompromising beat work and blending in the unexpected, like cello breakdowns, amongst swinging trap, bass beats, and dynamic, futuristic soundscapes. Proving she is here to dominate the music industry once again, Alison Wonderland has teamed up with trap legend QUIX for their enticing collaboration ‘Wake Up.’

The single begins with vocal melodies whispering in your ears as the frequencies in the background begin to energize you. Taking a heavy future bass flair to this single alongside trap melodies, ‘Wake Up’ is the perfect portrayal of Alison Wonderland and QUIX’s ability to master any genre they put their heart and soul into. Cementing her place as a champion of Australia’s explosive pool of electronic talent and as a beloved headliner on festival billings was just the beginning for Alison Wonderland and this single is the cherry on top to her accomplishments with QUIX.

Listen to ‘Wake Up’ from Alison Wonderland and QUIX below.

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