AN21 returns with ‘Liquid Gold’ after a decade of musical evolution : Listen

Emerging from a decade-long journey of self-discovery and artistic growth, AN21 has made a powerful resurgence with his latest single, “Liquid Gold.”

AN21, a name that has resonated in the electronic music scene for years, has made a triumphant return with his latest single, “Liquid Gold.” Released under the esteemed SIZE Records, this track serves as a testament to a decade-long journey of self-discovery and artistic evolution. AN21’s reappearance on the music stage is not just a comeback; it’s a rebirth, a rediscovery of his voice and vision as an artist.

“Liquid Gold” is a mesmerizing fusion of melodic and afro-house elements, delivering an experience that is both refreshing and deeply nostalgic. This musical gem was initially teased as a white-label DJ promo during the 2023 Miami Music Week, where it garnered early support from a lineup of renowned artists, including Adam Beyer, Kevin De Vries, Adriatique, Steve Angello, Carl Craig, BLOND:ISH, Yotto, Agents of Time, and Joris Voorn. AN21’s creation radiates a rich tapestry of rhythmic blends that are bound to become anthems in underground clubs worldwide.

For AN21, “Liquid Gold” was a moment of realization, more than just a song. It guided him back to his musical path, reigniting his creative spark and leading to subsequent releases like “Alright,” “No Tomorrow,” and “Love’s Not Over.” AN21’s connection with SIZE Records, established in 2009, is rejuvenated as he embarks on this journey of reinvention.

Despite past accolades, such as Beatport’s Breakthrough of the Year award and a high DJ MAG ranking, AN21 faced emotional and artistic hurdles, including imposter syndrome. Nevertheless, he chose a path of self-reinvention, returning to his roots in Stockholm in 2022 to rediscover his passion for music. This return comes with added depth, maturity, and intriguing rhythms, making “Liquid Gold” a fitting representation of his transformation.

As SIZE Records celebrates its 20th anniversary, “Liquid Gold” marks the beginning of a new era for AN21, symbolizing his hopeful journey into the future. Stay tuned as he unveils a soundscape rich in experiences, underpinned by deeper knowledge and a heart filled with familial love. AN21’s return highlights the enduring power of artistic evolution and the timeless allure of electronic music.

Take a listen to the track below!

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