Angel Lee

Angel Lee releases new track ‘I Want’ out now via Fibre Records: Listen

Fibre Records presents a brand new single from Angel Lee entitled ‘I Want’ with a special remix from Fossatti.

Iconic Leeds venue Bar Fibre‘s in-house label Fibre Records celebrates their fourth release, this time from Angel Lee.

Following up from the highly successful ‘Tell U Something’ EP from Habbo Foxx, which made serious moves peaking at #35 on the Beatport House Chart, the flourishing new label aims to continue their recent success with an incredibly on-brand House number from Angel Lee entitled ‘I Want’ featuring vocalist Hayley Smith and an infectiously groovy remix from Fossatti. 

Angel Lee has recently made a significant impact on the music scene, gracing the decks in prestigious venues such as Hi Ibiza. Her music resonates profoundly, and her latest EP is no different. Featuring captivating piano melodies and robust basslines,I Want is an essential addition to any House music enthusiast’s playlist. This release also includes a sleek and minimal remix by Fossatti, an artist gathering recognition from industry heavyweights like Jamie Jones, Waff and many more.

The track will be out everywhere on November 3 and now available exclusively via Traxsource.


Image Credit: Press