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Drunk British tourists could be set to receive a ban from Ibiza for anti-social behavior

According to plans from local officials, drunk British tourists may be banned from returning to the Balearic Islands in the future for conducting anti-social behavior.

Local governments from Majorca and Ibiza are considering overhauling their tourism policies to battle anti-social behavior and committing crimes. That means that some of the tourists, mostly drunk British ones, could be banned from returning to the islands in the future. The head of tourism, Jaume Bauza, has also announced that the new measures would also include fines for anti-social behavior.

Addressing the local media last Monday, mainly Diario de Ibiza, Jaime Bauza stated that the inspiration behind the overhaul came from the decision by Amsterdam to battle problematic British tourists. Speaking to Diario de Ibiza, he added:

“I’ve expressed the master lines and nothing’s been ruled out or confirmed at this stage. Then it will need to have a legal framework… The main thing is to target companies as well, but above all those people who behave in a way that is not tolerable, here or anywhere.”

Following up on the previous statements, he also added that the decision to ban these rude tourists would hinge on the nature of the “crime or violation committed”.

The listed regulations would follow up on the alcohol restrictions the municipalities of some parts of the Balearic Islands introduced in 2022 which include fines of up to 600,000 euros. Approved in early 2020, the decision was for 2-for-1, happy hour, and free bar offers to be completely banned, which also extends to advertisements of such offers. “Balconing”, or jumping between balconies or from them into swimming pools, is also banned. According to the official bulletin, anyone who breaks the rules will be immediately expelled. Take note that the bulletin is in Spanish.

Along with other aforementioned regulations, new licenses for boat parties were also implemented, while alcohol-selling shops have a new working time, which is between 9:30 AM and 8 AM. Breaching of these rules promises huge fines for the owners of such shops.

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