House Music Essentials Vol. 22 featuring Sherm, Modapit & more

We Rave You is excited to present the twenty-second edition of our House Music Essentials highlighting the very best house music producers riding their own waves in the music industry. This edition features top-tier artists including Sherm, PODS, Modapit, Tom Colontonio, Dainjazone, Mark Picchiotti, Thomas Xavier, Birdee, and black a.m. 

Presenting our twenty-second edition of House Music Essentials, We Rave You is excited to feature a few top-tier artists riding their own waves in the music industry. This edition features top-tier artists including Sherm, PODS, Modapit, Tom Colontonio, Dainjazone, Mark Picchiotti, Thomas Xavier, Birdee, and black a.m. 

Sherm & PODS – Madonna

Chicago’s hometown hero Sherm is having his biggest year yet. Fresh off electrifying performances at North Coast Festival’s Vega Stage and a massive Lollapalooza afterparty alongside ACRAZE, Sherm is back with a bang. This time around, he’s teaming up with another promising duo from Chicago – PODS, together releasing a simmering tech house single titled “Madonna” via the esteemed imprint Hood Politics. “Madonna” is a track that embodies the spirit of underground, delivering a relentless and simmering beat that is perfect for late night sets. Funky bass grooves snake through the track, while a Daft Punk-esque vocal sample weaves in and out, creating an infectious and hypnotic vibe that’s impossible to resist. As Sherm shares:

“Teaming up with one of Chicago’s most promising young duos on this track was such a blast. Pods brought a super unique foundation and I immediately knew which direction to take when we started working on it. It’s an underground groover hits harder than Will Smith and fuses melodic and tech house together harmoniously. The perfect weapon for any DJ and all fans of tech house. In the club, we’re all listening to “Madonna”.

Modapit – Time to Run

After a standout performance at EDC Las Vegas and the success of his Devotion album, the prodigal artist Modapit is set to captivate listeners once again. “Time to Run” is not just another track—it’s a sonic odyssey. Between the entrancing melodies and spellbinding narrative, this single is a testament to Modapit’s signature sound. “Time to Run” embodies a harmonious blend of Modapit’s early influences and his evolved production style. The track begins with soulful vocals, reminiscent of legends, setting the stage for a deep dive into sonic exploration. As the track progresses, listeners are treated to Modapit’s signature mesmerizing basslines and effects, guiding them through a spectrum of moods and energies.

“Crafting ‘Time to Run’ was a journey in itself. It is a reflection of my past, present, and the future of my sound. From vocals to the melodies, every element has a story. I hope listeners feel its depth and passion.” – Modapit

Tom Colontonio – “7 Years” 

Celebrated trance DJ/producer, Tom Colontonio, unveils his newest single, “7 Years,” combining modern flair with timeless trance elements. Released under the esteemed subculture imprint, a subsidiary of Black Hole Recordings, the track is set to be a stand-out single to be embraced by the close-knit trance community and beyond. Following his successful collaboration “Reality” with trance maestro John O’Callaghan, “7 Years” reasserts Tom’s place at the zenith of trance music. The track’s fusion of the contemporary and the classic is symbolic to his dynamic range and artistic growth, having been a pivotal figure in the trance community for over two decades. From his nascent love for dance music as a teenager to rocking the thriving Philly-trance scene, Tom’s journey has been nothing short of legendary. It was at the tender age of 14 that his musical odyssey began, exploring genres from rock to classical. However, dance music struck a chord, leading him to acquire his first set of turntables in 1996 – a decision that charted his course towards becoming a trance luminary.

Dainjazone – “Power” 

Dainjazone continues the roll out of ‘Evolution In Progress Vol. 2’. Having released the first single for “Power,” weeks earlier, he now follows up with a music video for this very song. Known for busy tour schedule, party-starting live sets, and history as the touring DJ for multi-platinum-selling group LMFAO, the solo DJ/producer has had a one-of-a-kind story under his belt, with the chapters of his legacy yet to be written. ‘Evolution In Progress Vol. 2’ is the next revelation that’s upon us, this chapter encompassing a roll out of new songs, videos, and content – all of which will be encapsulated into an EP when all is said and done. The “Power” music video is a visual feast, showcasing exceptional editing that is both smooth and seamless. It features eye-popping scenes of beautiful people enjoying the sun-soaked beaches and exhilarating moments in the club, epitomizing the themes of confidence, power, and beauty. The video vibrantly illustrates the essence of being oneself and just vibing, with FlyGirl Tee confidently delivering her verses and Dainjazone performing a powerful set that resonates with the audience.

Mark Picchiotti & Birdee – “Party Life” (LEFTI Remix)

A groundbreaking fusion of seasoned expertise and rising innovation is on the horizon. Nervous Records, New York City’s iconic and longest-standing house record label, proudly presents the remix of “Party Life” by the exceptional LEFTI. Taking the original disco-forward sonic brilliance crafted by Mark Picchiotti and Birdee, LEFTI injects his distinctive style, adding modern flair while maintaining the integrity of the original intact. This new remix, abundant in warehouse vibes, bass grooves, and a funky undertone, ensures that the dance floor remains in-motion, upbeat, and pleased. LEFTI’s journey exemplifies a classic origin story where standout music of exceptional quality gains recognition, thus amplifying his career year after year. From a seasoned touring and studio musician to an influential DJ and producer, he has seamlessly transitioned into the house scene, gaining rapid traction with his exceptional remixes and original creations. His productions resonate deeply with fans, as they are rich with groove and characterized by indistinguishable bass lines. His prolific collaboration with top-tier house labels such as Freakin909, Let There Be House, and notably, Toolroom Records, is a shining example to his versatility and unparalleled talent.

Thomas Xavier – Pharaoh’s Alchemist

Thomas Xavier is on an absolute tear in 2023, with some massive momentum into the artist’s first full length 14 song album. With his 11th release this year already with three different labels, the 14 song Pharaoh’s Alchemist LP is the biggest project to date for the rising house talent. Having already established his project’s ethos of “rediscovering our ancient past through song and dance” with his label imprint Pharaoh Phonix, ‘Pharaoh’s Alchemist’ quintessentially represents the brand & music direction of the label. Over 1 year in the making, and having waterfall released 12 songs of the 14 every month starting September 2022 this is the most ambitious production by Xavier yet. It comes in with some serious Bass House, G-House, and Tech house swag showing the diversity of the artists repertoire! The album already has over a million streams, 1000+ downloads and 4 songs over 100,000 streams the album has already seen massive support.

Founding his own successful Pharaoh Phonix imprint in January of 2022, the label has signed 20 artists & released 53 songs prior to the album release.  With over 3,000,000+ streams since the labels inception in 2022, and over 3000 downloads on the catalog the label has been cutting up dance floors around the globe.  Thomas Xavier has developed his own brand of house which blends bass house, tech house, and G-House.  With more big bookings and releases on the horizon, Thomas Xavier is an artist to watch as we close out 2023 & beyond.

black a.m. – “70W”  (Vaded)

In the world of electronic music, there’s a perennial search for the next groundbreaking sound.. Enter black a.m., a name that is resonating through the corridors of house music with a resonance that can’t be ignored. With the release of “70W (Vaded)“, black a.m. reinforces his rapidly burgeoning reputation. The track is an adrenaline-charged ride, steering the listener with powerful percussion and bass, while intricate instrumentals weave a narrative of innovation. It’s not just music; it’s an ethos. The screeching elements add a flair that only solidifies black a.m.’s distinction in this vast musical landscape.

Dive a bit deeper, and it becomes evident that this isn’t a flash in the pan. black a.m. has been carving out his unique niche in the house scene, consistently delivering tracks that blend classic house motifs with avant-garde nuances. His dedication to the craft, coupled with his audacious approach, has seen him amass well-deserved accolades in a short time. But “70W (Vaded)” stands as a symbol. A symbol of where house music is headed and the artists that are pushing its boundaries. Among them, black a.m. shines bright, not just for his talent but for his drive to take house music into the future, one track at a time. For enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, black a.m. is a beacon, signaling the next wave of house music. As the electronic scene continues to evolve, it’s artists like him that will be remembered for pushing it forward, and “70W (Vaded)” is the sonic testament to that journey.

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