Innellea releases ‘Silence’ ft. Maurice Kaar: Listen 

Innellea releases “Silence”, the opening single of his debut album, featuring powerful vocals by Maurice Kaar.

From his debut album and upcoming live tour project Innellea releases “Silence” featuring powerful vocals by German electronic music producer Maurice Kaar.

Last Friday an exciting release hit the electronic music scene and appeared under the Distorted Youth brand. Munich-born electronic music producer Innellea has carved a unique musical path, blending his techno roots with innovation. His rapidly growing international career is a testament to his distinctive sound. Innellea recently made an exciting announcement about his debut album, “The Belonging”. He also recently produced a techno remix of the Armin van Buuren hit track “In And Out Of Love”.

“Silence is the opening single of my debut Album and upcoming Live Tour Project “The Belonging”. The full concept is a collective experienced catharsis, the process of releasing and providing relief from strong or repressed emotions”, added Innellea.

The album’s opening track is named “Silence”, released last week with the highly successful German vocalist/electronic music producer Maurice Kaar. Maurice Kaar is also into techno, so it’s only natural that they found the chemistry between them, but he is only a vocalist on this track. Through its compelling techno rhythms, it delves deep into the solitude of the human spirit, offering a poignant soundtrack that echoes a heartfelt yearning for the comforting embrace of connection within a world marked by physical distance. On YouTube, an official music video has been uploaded, directed by Adrian Kuchenreuther, which really follows the vibe of the track.

In the highly anticipated debut album, “The Belonging”, the fans can look forward to remarkable collaborations with artists like Flowdan, Monolink, and CamelPhat, to name just a few. With a thematic focus on the concept of “collective catharsis”, this album is poised to delve into profound explorations of existentialism and the profound capacity we possess to craft our own sense of purpose and significance. Although the album will be released on February 9th, 2024, it is already available for pre-save on multiple platforms.

Image Credit: INNELLEA / Provided by The Echo Agency


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