Kölsch shares his emotional new album ‘I Talk to Water’: Listen

I Talk to Water‘ is the fifth album by Kölsch for Kompakt and his most intimate work to date.

Kölsch is not just a DJ and music producer. In the world of music, the Danish artist is also a storyteller. This time, the narrative is intimate, profound and touching. Kölsch transformed the grief for his father into comfort and music. Inheriting not only his father’s talent, Kölsch also inherited Patrick Reilly‘s music, which is incorporated here into Kölsch’s original productions. ‘I Talk to Water’ is a special album, melancholic yet celebratory of life. This 12-act emotional piece is available on the usual platforms via Kompakt.

Patrick Reilly was a touring musician during the sixties and seventies who passed away in 2003. This album is inspired by Reilly’s life and career, Kölsch’s childhood, grief, family and love. The lockdowns brought on by the pandemic became the backdrop for reflection and inward processing on the loss of his father. The tranquillity allowed Kölsch to translate his feelings into music and use it as a way of immortalising his father’s memories and life. Kölsch mentioned how the loss of his father had also changed him as an artist:

“This whole album is about the process of loss, and for me it’s been one of my main driving forces in my musical life, the whole emotional aspect of whatever I’ve done has been based in that feeling that he’s not there anymore.”

‘I Talk to Water’ includes three tracks that use recordings of Patrick Reilly’s guitar: ‘Grape‘, ‘Tell Me‘ and ‘It Ends Where It Began‘. The symbiosis with the music of father and son makes these tracks unique, emotional, rich and touching. They are a fusion of the past and the present. These are special, but the same feeling extends throughout the album, and there are a few others to highlight. ‘An Amazing‘ is undoubtedly one of the pearls of ‘I Talk to Water’. It’s vibrant, modern, urban and carries a sweetly uplifting energy. The breakbeat and upbeat groove make it interesting, only made better by the repetitive, hypnotic vocals. The title track is transparent when it comes to Kölsch’s musical signature. You can feel his imprint from the very first seconds. It’s an engaging, rhythmic and delicate track. Perry Farrel’s vocals are one of the strong elements of the composition, whose narrative is dreamy and sublime.

‘I Talk to Water’ is a beautiful album and well worth listening to from one end to the other, taking in the gifts that Kölsch has portrayed in each of the tracks. Listen to it below:

Image Credit: Kölsch (Press) / Provided by Listen-Up PR