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Manager of deadmau5, among others, launches The Circuit Group

A few music industry veterans from artist management firms Seven20 and AYITA have joined together to create The Circuit Group, a firm that will acquire up to 50% stake in artists’ IP portfolios.

Founded by Dean Wilson of Seven20, and Brett Fischer, David Gray, and Harvey Tadman of AYITA, the newly founded group aims to collaborate with artists to develop opportunities in various verticals within the music industry, alongside traditional artist management.

The engine at the center of everything in the music business is the song,” says Dean Wilson, CEO and co-founder of The Circuit Group as well as longtime manager of deadmau5. “We are building a network of businesses around IP, putting artists’ creativity at the center and engaging and sustaining them over the long term. This ensures that artists continue to share in every revenue stream available to them and ultimately gives them more control over their destinies than traditional business models have offered them.

The Circuit Group claims it will initially make acquisitions of up to 50% of an artist’s song catalog, thus giving the artist immediate revenue while also ensuring that they are incentivized to work alongside the company in exploring more opportunities surrounding their IP (Intellectual Property).

According to The Circuit Group, through their self-proclaimed “IP-centric approach”, it will either invest in or gather strategic partnerships with other entities to maximize the potential of artists’ songs in recorded music, publishing, merchandise, brand partnerships, gaming, events, Web3, and new music technologies.

The Circuit Group collectively manages master and publishing rights to over 3,000 songs, accumulating more than 5 billion combined streams and receiving 7 Grammy nominations.  The roster includes prominent names like Chris Lake, deadmau5, FISHER, HoneyLuv, NERO, and Ninajirachi, and operate out of London, New York, and Miami.

Image Credit: Unsplash via @Ekrull