PEEKABOO presents new debut album ‘Eyes Wide Open’: Listen 

PEEKABOO celebrates the debut launch of his new project ‘Eyes Wide Open’ featuring big influential names like Skrillex, Flowdan, G-Rex, and Zeds Dead for a pulsating, 140 bpm Dubstep journey.

PEEKABOO‘s influence on the bass genre is undeniable, as evidenced by his numerous chart-topping hits and a Grammy nomination for his collaboration with Marshmello. His album “Eyes Wide Open” features the chart-topping track “Badders,” featuring Skrillex, G-Rex, and Flowdan. The album also includes exciting collaborations with viral sensation LYNY, Zeds Dead, and a unique contribution from PEEKABOO‘s father who added his touch to the horns in “You Got Me.”

Arising from Detroit’s dynamic music scene, PEEKABOO is thrilled to introduce 140bpm beats into a wider spectrum of American dubstep enjoyers by rolling out a range of singles this year varying from the infamous ”Badders” with Skrillex, G-Rex, and Flowdan, ”Sleepwalk” and ”Scared” with Zeds Dead. These strings of singles really show his development and versatility in the 140 Dubstep scene and it’s what really makes him authentic.

While PEEKABOO was growing up in his early years, he was surrounded by the influence of his father’s trumpet melodies from Detroit’s own symphony orchestra. From this point on, his musicality expanded into discovering Skrillex‘s ”Kill Everbody” during a typical gaming session, and since then his career has most definitely started and even manifested into working with the legendary producer who ended up on his debut album ‘Eyes Wide Open‘.

Standout tracks on ‘Eyes Wide Open‘ like “I’ve Been Thinking” and “You Got Me” showcase his versatile style, with the latter culminating in the poignant trumpet notes reminiscent of his father’s evocative melodies. “Music Box” harks back to the atmospheric ambiance that characterized his early experiences at festivals while anticipated tracks “Like Dat” with LYNY, and “Ear Candy” alongside Michigan’s Sully, underscore his avant-garde approach to bass music. Recently, fans were also introduced to a deep 140 Dubstep record ‘Sleepwalk‘ which displays his mastery in sound design, rhythm, and melodies.

Eyes Wide Open tracklist:

1. Badders
2. Sleepwalk
3. Like That
4. Scared
5. All I Need Is Bass
6. Dope
7. Going Insane
8. You Got Me
9. Ive Been Thinkin
10. Bumpin
11. Riddle
12. Music Box
13. Dont Wanna

Eyes Wide Open“, a debut album by PEEKABOO is available now via ‘Peekaboo Music / Create Music Group Inc‘.

Image Credit: Franz Hilberath (Press)

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