Rebūke delivers dark edit of Carl Cox and Christopher Coe’s ‘Nocturnal’: Listen 

Rebūke adds his techno flair to Carl Cox and Christopher Coe’s ‘Nocturnal,’ out now on Awesome Soundwave.  

Renowned DJ and producer Rebūke has unleashed an electrifying edit of ‘Nocturnal,’ originally produced by the dynamic duo Cox and Coe, composed of techno legends Carl Cox and Christopher Coe. The original track was already making waves in the techno scene when Cox and Coe released it earlier this year as part of their ‘Mindset – EP.’ Now, Rebūke adds a new dimension to the track, immersing listeners in its hypnotic energy.

Rebūke, known for his innovative and genre-pushing sound, has taken the driving essence of ‘Nocturnal’ and injected his distinctive sonic flair. The result is a pulsating and hypnotic reimagining that captivates listeners from start to finish. The Irish producer’s interpretation enhances the already potent formula, transforming it into an irresistible dance floor anthem that will have any crowd moving all night long. His command of intricate rhythms and enchanting percussion ensures this remix will become a favorite among fans and DJs alike.

“Story time.. Back in 2021 I was amongst the few lucky ones to return to touring with a run of amazing shows in Australia whilst the rest of the world was still in the height of lockdown. After finishing 2 weeks of hotel quarantine, I ended up hanging out with @carlcoxofficial and @christophercoemusic (and their two pet sheep) for a day at their ranch-studio outside of Melbourne. 😱 We spent most the day playing music and messing around on the modular setup and checking out Carl’s car collections.. then they played me their latest EP made completely live using modular gear. I loved what I heard so took the stems and on the flight back to Ireland remade what they had worked on keeping the music true to its original form.. dirty, warpy, heads down techno with a little touch of Rebūke. And now they finally they see the light of day! Excited for you to hear them and to try them out tonight with Carl at XS Vegas for Art Of The Wild. This is one for the heads🐯 🇺🇸” Rebūke on Instagram

Fans of Carl Cox, Christopher Coe and Rebūke can look forward to experiencing this electrifying edit as it takes center stage throughout each of their upcoming performances. Be sure to check out Rebūke’s edit of Carl Cox and Christopher Coe’s ‘Nocturnal,’ as well as his other edits of Cox and Coe’s ‘Mindset – EP’ down below or on your favorite streaming platform


Image Credit: Rebūke / Courtesy of Big Beat Records

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