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Tale Of Us cancel Time Warp performance to stay in Los Angeles

Melodic techno duo Tale Of Us has canceled their highly-anticipated performance at Time Warp Festival in Germany in favor of staying in Los Angeles.

In a surprising turn of events, the renowned melodic techno duo Tale Of Us has dropped a bombshell by canceling their eagerly-awaited day one performance at the upcoming Time Warp Festival in Mannheim, Germany. Instead, the duo, consisting of Afterlife bosses  MRAK (Carmine Conte) and Anyma (Mateo Milleri), has opted to extend their stay in the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles. 

Initially scheduled to take the stage on November 4, Tale Of Us’ decision to forego this highly-anticipated performance was announced by the festival organizers themselves. The duo has not made any formal announcement regarding the cancellation on their social media channels. The news of the cancellation was met with a mixture of emotions from their loyal fanbase. Some expressed their disappointment on social media, others saw the silver lining in this unexpected change of plans. While the cancellation undoubtedly has left an impact on the festival lineup, Time Warp is working behind the scenes to bring an updated lineup for the weekend.  

“Dear Time Warp fans, we were about to release the full timetable for our Time Warp Two Days Two Stages November Edition.⁠ Unfortunately we got informed that Tale Of Us decided to cancel their Time Warp show on Saturday November 4th. They will stay in Los Angeles due to new developments and opportunities for their careers. We wish both of them good luck for their new projects in America. On Monday, the 9th of October, we will release the timetable for Friday, November 3rd. We’d like to ask that you give us a moment for Saturday’s time table, as we have to deal with this new situation.” Time Warp Festival on Instagram

Tale Of Us has gained a dedicated global following for their unique blend of melodic techno and mesmerizing performances. As the electronic music community awaits further developments, the duo’s decision to stay in Los Angeles instead of performing at Time Warp Festival continues to stir up the imagination of fans worldwide. Whether this pivot results in a groundbreaking collaboration or an evolution of their distinctive sound, one thing is certain: Tale Of Us remains a dynamic force in the world of melodic techno, and their journey promises to be as unpredictable as it is mesmerizing.

Image Credit: Hï Ibiza (Press) / Provided by NEU Communications

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