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ADE 2023: Music Producer’s guide to the Amsterdam Dance Event

Touching down in Amsterdam for the iconic Amsterdam Dance Event can be a pivotal moment in any blossoming music producer’s career. With over 1,000 events spanning five days, ADE offers invaluable opportunities to learn, connect, and potentially score your big break. Use this ADE music producer’s guide to maximize your impact as an aspiring producer at one of the world’s premier electronic music conferences.


Plan Ahead

Thoroughly review the schedule in advance and bookmark events relevant to producers like demo drops, masterclasses, artist interviews, and networking sessions. Plot out your schedule and buy tickets for key events you want to attend.


Bring your best music for Demo drops 

ADE is the place to showcase your skills as an emerging producer. Many events like the Demo Drop with Eelke Kleijn, Perfect Havoc & SKIO Music on October 19th are focused on discovering new talent, so come prepared with your best work mastered and organized on a USB drive. You never know when an impromptu opportunity to share your music may arise. Bring those A-game tracks that best demonstrate your unique sound and abilities.


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Masterclasses Are Invaluable

ADE offers exclusive masterclasses led by icons like KC Lights, Icarus, Don Diablo and more. These sessions offer incredible insight into production techniques and workflow that you won’t find anywhere else. Take detailed notes when KC Lights reveals his secrets to rich synth textures, or when Icarus dissects their approach to drums. By implementing these priceless learnings into your own production process, your music can reach new heights.


Make Connections

With über-connected artists, label heads, managers, and fellow rising talents all gathered in one place, networking is one of the most vital parts of ADE. Come prepared with newly minted business cards to hand out, as well as slick promo packs featuring your best single, biggest remix, press clippings etc. Make sure your branding and online presence is on point before attending. Be open-minded and proactive when interacting with pivotal industry players – ADE is the ideal place for encounters that can radically transform your career trajectory.


Capture Content

Document your ADE experience through photos, videos and recaps. This content can energize your social media presence and artist brand when you return home. Show your followers an insider’s perspective on your time at one of the world’s premier music events.


Immerse Yourself in the Vibe as an Artist

Between events, be sure to hit the late-night parties and club sets to fully absorb the electric atmosphere. Chat with fellow artists and attendees – many are themselves looking for collaborators and new music. Some of the best festival memories are made spontaneously linking up with other talented producers at ADE’s after-hours events. Keep business cards on you, chat up fellow creators, and see where the night takes you. By fully plunging into the experience, you maximize the chances of ADE becoming a definitive turning point in your artist journey.


Make this year’s ADE count. Follow these tips, and you’ll return home inspired, connected, and primed to reach the next level as an artist.



Image credits: Amsterdam Dance Event (Press)

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