DVBBS + Jesse Jo Stark

DVBBS celebrate 10-year anniversary of ‘Tsunami’ with Chrome Hearts’ Jesse Jo Stark collab ‘Breathe’: Listen

DVBBS gets back to basics, embodying their dark progressive sound with a new track ‘Breathe’ featuring Chrome HeartsJesse Jo Stark, out now on Spinnin Records/Warner.

On the 10-year anniversary of their epic rise to fame with 9 times platinum-certified 2013’s ‘Tsunami’, DVBBS goes back to the underground with their brand new release ‘Breathe‘.  The duo teams up on it with Jesse Jo Stark of the Chrome Hearts fashion family and one of the brand’s lead designers, which sets the stage with a deep, driving beat in its opening notes. Combining Jesse’s mesmerizing, haunting vocal riffs with eerie soundscapes and minimal percussion, DVBBS steers the ship straight into the sonic underground with a breathtakingly sinister drop that’s simply designed for dark club dance floors as well as big main stages of festivals across the globe.

‘Breathe’ sees them returning to their roots with the same sound that catapulted them to the global stage with ‘Tsunami’ a decade ago, which needs no introduction and has since made DVBBS a household name. Jesse Jo Stark explores new ground with this track and delightfully sees her departing from her usual alt-pop wheelhouse and looking after the creative side of Chrome Hearts.

 “It’s time we go dive deep into the underground where everything started for us, our fans & our team. We are stoked about bringing Jesse Jo Stark with us. She’s one of the dopest upcoming acts with a voice & presence that will take you down a full journey into her world of melody, fashion & rock n roll… and let me tell you her world is like nothing that you have experienced before”, says DVBBS.

Listen to the new track here.



Image Credit: Press / Provided by Unfolded PR