Deborah de Luca

Deborah de Luca brandishes undulating new single ‘Etnico’: Listen

Techno heavyweight Deborah de Luca has unleashed her emphatic new single titled ‘Etnico’, on her own label Solamente.

Hailing from Naples, Deborah de Luca has broken the shackles of her latest single, ‘Etnico’, which forces its way on to the scene through her own imprint. Brandishing pumping percussive arrangements, pulsating baseline rhythms and expansive vocals and melodies, this industrial new number has been designed with the dark and smoky depths of Berlin nightclubs.

The track follows up a very long string of other releases that the Italian has put out this year in what has been one of her most productive years to date. Records such as ‘Give It To Me’, ‘Scema’, ‘India’, ‘Dreams Machine’ and ‘Croce’ are among some her most popular from 2023, among her remixes of Jengi’s ‘Bel Mercy’ and her ‘Devotion – Show Me Love 2023 Techno Mix’. You can expect to hear these and more as she rounds Europe in the final months of the year, with stops in London, Antwerp and Bucharest on her horizon.

Be sure to check out the incredible new Deborah De Luca single for yourselves below, and offer up your thoughts on her one of many scintillating releases this year.


Image Credit: Deborah de Luca (Press) / Provided by The Echo Agency

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