Excision details the importance of balance in post on artist exhaustion

Excision, also known as Jeff Abel, the dubstep figurehead most known for having such a big presence in the dubstep community, headlining many major festivals, organizing and performing at 2 of the biggest dubstep festivals in the world of which he is the owner and curator of, and heading his own multi-genre label with his expansive North American Nexus tour with more than 50 stops on the horizon. Recently, someone tagged Excision in a post to X on artist exhaustion where the artist commented and shared his experience with work-life balance.

Excision began in replying to the initial X post by thanking the original author, Katie, for her concern with his wellbeing considering his seemingly hectic schedule. The artist went on to tell his audience how he manages to handle the strain of work with a balance of taking care of his well-being as well as finding time to hide away for a little while to relax and unwind,

“Making time and prioritizing sleep (extremely difficult on the road but so important), healthy diet (same), and proper workouts have me feeling way better than I ever did in my 20’s. It’s also super important to spend time with your partner, family, friends etc and I think the pandemic year of no shows was great for a lot of artists to reset and come back into things with a healthier balance.”

The artist then went on to speak about the common belief that artists are required to neglect other aspects of their lives to only focus on their career if they are to make. Excision explained why he believes this is the wrong mindset to have and why he thinks it may not be as grueling to make it into the industry as people expect.

“Overworking ourselves tends to get glamourized these days and can be a point of pride, but taken too far is extremely unhealthy… It’s extremely important not just for artists but for everyone to find their own balance in life and do their best to stay within that range, taking breaks or pushing themselves to go harder as necessary.”

Image Credit: Rukes.com