Jhonatan Ospina

Jhonatan Ospina discusses main inspirations, latest live performance in aid of our planet and more: Interview

Combining his love for electronic music with the need to further raise awareness on climate change, Jhonatan Ospina teamed up with Tulum DJ Academy for a DJ set like no other. A remarkable individual, this is one interview that you most definitely do not want to miss out on.

Fusing electronic music and environmental consciousness in the most unique of manners, Jhonatan Ospina is the epitome of an artist that has not only mastered his craft to the utmost of perfection, but at the same time, has also set out on inspiring the world through his love towards our planet, and the different initiatives that he embarks upon in aid and support of climate change, and the drastic measures that are necessary in ensuring a better life and future for the generations to come. Hailing from Colombia, this multifaceted act  has been blessing us all with his eclectic style of play, whilst each of his releases have techno enthusiasts and not only, feeling some type of way from start to finish. Leaving no doubt to the imagination, Jhonatan Ospina is well and truly on his way towards global dominance, as each of his endeavours further amplifies his presence on the most constant of levels. Elevating his style of play on the daily, it is fair to say his approach towards music production and life in general is extraordinary, whilst his attention to detail, further indicates the undeniable musical prowess of this artist to watch. Having said this, we could not be any happier to be joined by the man of the moment, as he discusses main inspirations and influences, the impact electronic music has had on his life thus far, maintaining a versatile nature within our community, advocating for climate change through his love for music, performing at stunning locations around the globe in further aid of our environment, teaming up with Tulum DJ Academy for his latest climate change project that saw him performing at a recycling center in Mexico, the impact that such initiatives can and will have on our planet and the awareness raised on a worldwide scale, the main thought process behind this project, what the future holds for Jhonatan Ospina and so much more.

Hello and thank you for joining us! Could you give us an insight in the main inspirations/influences that led to your chosen career pathway in music?

One of the main inspirations for me was my deep love and passion for music itself. From a young age, I was captivated by the power of music to evoke emotions and create unforgettable experience. I was greatly influenced by the pioneering artists and producers who pushed the boundaries of what was possible in music. Their innovation, creativity, and ability to create unique sounds and experiences motivated me to explore and experiment with my own musical journey. Richie Hawtin’s innovative approach to techno has always fascinated me, inspiring me to create immersive soundscapes in my own music. Giorgia Angiuli’s melodic and emotive style resonates with me deeply, encouraging me to explore the more melodic side of techno in my productions. Joseph Capriati’s energy and ability to blend different styles have also influenced my desire to create intense and cohesive live performances.These artists, along with others in the techno scene, have shown me what is possible in terms of musical expression. Their dedication and boundary-pushing inspire me to constantly challenge myself and explore new sonic territories. I am committed to pushing the boundaries of the genre, creating captivating soundscapes, and delivering unforgettable performances that transcend traditional techno.


Hailing from Colombia, your outlook on music and life in general can be described as quite remarkable. We would like to know the impact that electronic music has had on your life, as well as the overall message that you have set out to portray towards the rest of the world?

Electronic music has profoundly impacted my life, shaping me into who I am today. Growing up in Colombia, I was drawn to the vibrant music culture, particularly electronic music. The energy and versatility of electronic music have allowed me to explore different sonic landscapes and find my unique voice as an artist. Through my music, I aim to spread a message of unity, freedom, and connection, transcending language and cultural barriers. I also want to showcase the incredible talent and creativity within Colombia’s music scene, breaking stereotypes and highlighting our innovative electronic music. Ultimately, my goal is to create an immersive and transformative experience for my audience, inspiring them to embrace their passions and live life to the fullest.


Jhonatan Ospina

Image Credit: Jhonatan Ospina (Press)


Creating the most unique of styles through your love for techno and all the countless possibilities that it’s offers, we would like to know how significant the maintenance of a versatile nature can be, as well as your thoughts on the constant changes that are witnessed within our community?

Maintaining versatility as a techno DJ and music producer is crucial for staying relevant and pushing the boundaries of creativity. It allows for exploration of different influences, creating a unique sound that sets one apart. Embracing change in the electronic music community is important for growth, while staying true to one’s artistic vision. Striking a balance between staying current and authentic ensures the music remains relevant and resonates with the audience. Overall, versatility enables continuous evolution and growth as an artist.


Besides your influential style of play, the various surroundings in which you perform, have caught our eye and not only for their natural beauty. Could you give us an insight on how you prepare for each of your live performances, as well as the impact that each venue/landscape has on your own community?

When preparing for live performances, I believe in the power of improvisation. I choose what to play based on the vibe and energy of the venue and audience, creating a dynamic and personalized experience. I also incorporate live instruments like the theremin to add emotion and create a immersive experience. The surroundings of each venue or landscape greatly impact the atmosphere of the event, enhancing the connection between the music and the audience. This fosters a strong sense of community among those present. For example, I had the opportunity to do a live set recording in the comunas of Colombia, connecting with the local community and showcasing my music in a unique setting. The impact of each venue and landscape on my community is significant, contributing to the overall atmosphere and sense of unity during my shows.


Acting as a stellar advocate for climate change, your most recent live performance took place at a recycling center in Tulum, Mexico. We would like to the know how this initiative came to be, the defining factors that you set out to achieve and promote, as well as the overall significance of taking care of our own planet and ensuring that Mother Nature remains in safe hands for the generations to come?

The initiative to perform at a recycling center in Tulum, Mexico was driven by the desire to raise awareness about climate change and promote sustainable practices, particularly within the music industry. The goal was to create a unique and immersive experience that not only entertained but also encouraged individuals to consider their impact on the environment. Climate change is a global issue that requires immediate attention and action. By advocating for sustainability and raising awareness about recycling and carbon emissions, we can inspire individuals to make positive changes in their own lives and communities. Through the power of music, we aimed to engage with the local community and inspire action. As musicians, we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint and promote sustainability in live performances and music production. By setting an example within the music industry, we hope to influence other musicians, fans, and industry professionals to prioritize sustainability as well. Taking care of our planet is an ethical responsibility that requires collective effort. By promoting sustainable practices, raising awareness about climate change, and prioritizing the preservation of natural wonders, we can ensure a better future for ourselves and generations to come.


Teaming up with Tulum DJ Academy for this remarkable project, you set out on raising awareness for recycling and the reduction of carbon emissions. Could you provide us with your own thoughts on this initiative, the impact that you can and will have on the environment through your love for music and of course our planet, as well as Tulum as whole and what the city has to offer?

As a DJ and music producer, I firmly believe in the power of music to inspire and connect people. By incorporating messages of sustainability into our performances, we can reach a wide audience and create awareness about the importance of recycling and reducing carbon emissions. Through our love for music and our passion for the planet, we aim to influence other artists and professionals in the music industry to adopt eco-friendly practices. By supporting venues that prioritize sustainability, we can contribute to a greener and more environmentally conscious music scene. Tulum is a truly special place, known for its natural beauty and vibrant music scene. But the surge in popularity has also led to increased waste generation, posing a threat to the region’s natural wonders. By raising awareness about recycling and carbon emissions, we will be contributing to the preservation of Tulum’s unique environment. The impact of this initiative extends beyond Tulum itself. We hope to inspire not only the local community but also tourists from around the world to embrace sustainable practices. By making conscious choices, we can all contribute to the well-being of our planet and ensure that future generations are able to enjoy its beauty.


Jhonatan Ospina

Image Credit: Jhonatan Ospina (Press)

With a recycling center acting as a backdrop to your performance, we would like to know to know the main thought process behind this collaboration, the impact that music can have on the environment through similar initiatives, and of course on how fellow artists can follow in your steps and help promote the need of drastic change when it comes to our environmental footprints?

The collaboration with the recycling center as a backdrop for the performance aims to showcase the connection between music and sustainability and emphasize the importance of environmental consciousness. By choosing a unique setting, the intention is to draw attention to the impact our actions have on the environment and inspire others to make positive changes in their lives. Music has a powerful influence and can evoke emotions and inspire change. We can utilize their platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices. Other musical artists can incorporate sustainability into their creative process by choosing eco-friendly venues, using energy-efficient equipment, and practicing responsible waste management. Collaborating with environmental organizations and like-minded individuals can amplify their message and reach a broader audience. By actively participating in initiatives that promote positive change, artists can inspire their fans and fellow musicians to join them in creating a more sustainable future. The goal is to create a collective consciousness within the music industry and beyond, where everyone recognizes the need for environmental changes and takes action. Artists can lead by example and use their platforms to promote sustainability, making a significant impact and inspiring others to do the same.


We would like to know of what’s next for Jhonatan Ospina in aspects of your life, as well as any hints on what to expect in terms of new music and live performances around the globe?

Currently, I’m working on an exciting project where I’ll be traveling to different countries each month to record live sets in unique locations. Next month, I’ll be heading to Sao Paulo, Brazil. As an emerging DJ and music producer, I’m constantly evolving and exploring new ways to enhance my music and live performances. For my new music, I’m experimenting with a unique electronic instrument called the theremin, which adds captivating elements to my music and takes my compositions to a whole new level. It’s pushing me to explore new sonic territories and create mesmerizing synth textures. The theremin has become an integral part of my production process, infusing my tracks with creativity and innovation. My goal is to create innovative and captivating music while staying true to the essence of techno. I’m also focused on expanding my live performances globally and connecting with audiences from different parts of the world. I believe that live performances create special opportunities to engage with fans and create memorable experiences. I’m working on creating stunning and immersive performances that complement and enhance the music.


Remarkable in every sense of the word, Jhonatan Ospina is well and truly on his way towards global dominance, and as you may have guessed, we are all for it. Combining his love for electronic music with the need to further raise awareness on climate change and the required measures in order to help save our planet, we could not be any more in favour and fully supportive towards such initiatives, and in turn, would like to extend are sincere admiration to Jhonatan Ospina and everyone involved in this project, and in any projects of such nature. Be sure to check out the full Techno DJ Set in support of our environment below, and don’t forget to stay up to date with all things Jhonatan Ospina by following him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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