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Oliver Heldens remixes cassö, RAYE, D-Block Europe’s ‘Prada’: Listen

Oliver Heldens has put his signature spin on the chart-topping track ‘Prada’ by cassö, RAYE, and D-Block Europe, out now via Ministry of Sound Recordings.

In a thrilling musical collaboration, internationally acclaimed DJ and producer Oliver Heldens has released his interpretation of cassö, RAYE, and D-Block Europe’s ‘Prada.’ The original version of ‘Prada’ has already garnered widespread attention and success on social media and streaming platforms, blending the unique styles of Cassö, RAYE, and D-Block Europe into a catchy and infectious tune. Now, with Oliver Heldens’ remix, the track receives a fresh injection of energy and an irresistible dance vibe.

Known for his genre-defying approach and dynamic productions, Oliver Heldens once again showcases his prowess in the studio with his ‘Prada’ remix. The record seamlessly incorporates his signature house and electronic elements, elevating the track to new heights. With pulsating beats, infectious melodies, expertly crafted drops, and the signature vocals everyone has come to know and love, Oliver Heldens brings a new dimension to an already captivating song. The remix ensures that ‘Prada’ will continue to be heard across dancefloors around.

‘Prada’ has become a global sensation since its original release, with its infectious chorus and dynamic verses. The collaboration between cassö, RAYE, D-Block Europe, and now Oliver Heldens showcases what can be accomplished through cross-genre partnerships in the music industry. It’s clear that ‘Prada’ is set to continue its journey as a standout track in the dance music scene as Oliver Heldens’ remix joins the likes of David Guetta and Hypaton in the list of cassö collaborators. Be sure to check out Oliver Heldens’ remix of cassö, RAYE, and D-Block Europe’s ‘Prada’ on Spotify down below or on your favorite streaming platform

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