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Pete Tong x Jem Cooke x Jules Buckley releases ‘Heat Rising’: Listen 

House masterpiece on the horizon: Pete Tong x Jem Cooke join forces with the British Grammy award-winning composer Jules Buckley for “Heat Rising”

Pete Tong x Jem Cooke join forces with the British Grammy award-winning composer Jules Buckley for the house masterpiece “Heat Rising”. Jem Cooke, singer of Camelphat, Gorgon City, and Cristoph, among others, is back with Pete Tong and Jules Buckley for a very energetic release on Ministry of Sound.

Legendary British house DJ and BBC Radio 1 radio personality Peter Michael Tong, better known as Peter Tong, is back with a massive new release. Now he has brought a new song to satisfy the fans and the general public, as he has reconciled with the also well-known Jem Cooke and Jules Buckley, and released their track “Heat Rising” under Ministry of Sound. Jem Cooke is an English, London-origin singer-songwriter, up to this point perhaps best known for her release with Camelphat & Cristoph, “Breathe”. On the flip side, the composition also features British-born Jules Buckley, a Grammy-winning composer, conductor, and arranger who has previously worked with Pete Tong on the “Pete Tong + Friends: Ibiza Classics” EP.

“Did Pete Tong really just say “it’s all gone Jem Cooke”!?!?!!! 😭😭😭”, shared Jem on her social media.

Their joint composition followed Pete Tong’s style of House, and it’s no wonder that he was welcomed by the Ministry of Sound, where Peter is already a frequent guest. The track is a really energetic house track that will definitely heat up the dance floors in clubs and festivals around the world. Added to this are Jem Cooke’s vocals and beautifully crafted compositions, and Jules Buckley’s deep understanding of music in general. The song was announced by Pete Tong on social media at the end of October, to coincide with his Ibiza Classics winter tour which starts on 23 November.

In conclusion, Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics Winter tour kicks off with a very interesting chapter. After all, Jem Cooke and Jules Buckley have added a lot to this with their “Heat Rising” release with Peter.

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