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Richie Hawtin unveils 30th anniversary Vinyl reissue of Plastikman ‘Sheet One’ 

One of the prominent figures of the second generation of Detroit techno DJs who emerged in the early nineties, Canadian-born Richard Hawtin, better known as Richie Hawtin unveils the 30th anniversary vinyl reissue of ‘Sheet One’ under his Plastikman alias.

“Recorded mostly over an intense 48 hour period, the album came alive as I paired the Roland TR606 drum machine to the TB303 for my first time, which opened the doorway into this unique Hawtin trip!”, said Richie Hawtin.

About the Album

According to an announcement from Mute Records, the label has reached a new milestone, as several of Richie Hawtin’s previous works will be re-released shortly. The first step in this will be the re-release of Richie’s debut album, ‘Sheet One’, on BioVinyl on 1 December to mark the 30th anniversary of his Plastikman alter egos’ debut album. The history of ‘Sheet One’ dates back to 18 October 1993, when NovaMute released it in several countries, including the UK, Canada, USA, and Germany. The album, which combines techno, minimal, acid, and downtempo, was released in various formats such as CD and vinyl/record. Fun fact, but upon its release, the controversial acid-blotter CD cover art (by Dominic Ayre) of the album was met with mixed reactions, and the record is considered to have been introduced to the world as a groundbreaking work by the British-Canadian artist.

Reflecting on the creation of ‘Sheet One,’ Hawtin expressed his feelings, saying: “After a few years of experimenting with equipment and techniques, I slowly started to find my own unique direction and sound by digging deep into the possibilities of the Roland TB303. The first crucial steps were the F.U.S.E. tracks ‘F.U.’ and ‘Substance Abuse,’ both throbbing dancefloor inspired physical work-outs. That led to my idea of taking the sound of my style of Acid deeper into a more cerebral long-form experiment that became the foundation of ‘Sheet One’.”

Where to get it?

‘Sheet One’ will be reissued by NovaMute, the original publisher of the album which is a sub-label of Mute Records, and is available for pre-sale on multiple platforms. Interestingly, including the fact that Richie Hawtin unveils the 30th anniversary of his vinyl reissue, he has recently been involved in several interesting projects. Just like that, he has unveiled an exciting development at the University of Huddersfield: the Richie Hawtin PhD Scholarship in Electronic Music, Cultures, and Production.



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