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Trap and Bass Essentials Vol. 18 featuring What So Not, HEKLER, BADVOID & more

Introducing the latest edition of our Trap and Bass Essentials series – edition eighteen! We are thrilled to highlight a few groundbreaking artists who are reshaping the game. In this edition, we’ll shine a spotlight on some of the trailblazing talents, showcasing their innovative contributions to the ever-evolving world of trap and bass music. Get ready to dive into a sonic journey that pushes boundaries and sets the stage for the future of the genre. Featuring world-class artists What So Not, Hekler, BADVOID, Daktyl, AVANCE, F.O.O.L, Starya,Biometrix, Nat James, IMAN, SADHU, barnacle boi, Bass Physics and Buzz Junior.

Welcome to the freshest release in our Trap and Bass Essentials series. We’re buzzing with excitement to present a curated selection of revolutionary artists who are truly changing the game. In this edition, we’re turning the spotlight on some of the most innovative talents in the scene, highlighting their contributions to the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of trap and bass music. Brace yourself for an immersive sonic journey that not only pushes boundaries but also lays the foundation for the exciting future of the genre. Get ready to embark on a musical adventure like no other with artists such as What So Not, Hekler, BADVOID, Daktyl, AVANCE, F.O.O.L, Starya,Biometrix, Nat James, IMAN, SADHU, barnacle boi, Bass Physics and Buzz Junior.

What So Not & Daktyl – ‘Fever’

What So Not and Daktyl are two veteran artists in the electronic music space that have each cultivated one-of-a-kind signature sounds. Now they are melting top-shelf production and limitless creativity together in their brand-new anthem, “Fever”, dropping on Monstercat Instinct.  The track opens with a combination of beautiful synths and dreamy lyrics. As “Fever” progresses, it suddenly leads into a gripping stand-alone vocal, followed by a soothing yet lively drum & bass-fueled drop. Throughout the remainder of this masterpiece, What So Not and Daktyl magically weave in feel-good effects, innovative sound design, and other breathtaking components. For the first time, the pair recently performed “Fever” to close out What So Not’s prime-time set at Same Same But Different Festival. There was an unrivaled sense of happiness and positivity in the air, as the crowd collectively held their hands up, swaying to the buildup of this uplifting tune. Additionally, Daktyl and What So Not have recorded a spellbinding live performance video of “Fever”.

With over a decade of delivering mesmeric hits and riveting live sets, What So Not has consistently been at the forefront of sonic exploration. His remix of RÜFÜS DU SOL’s “Innerbloom” and 2022 album, Anomaly, showcase his ability to pull from a variety of influences to forge something fresh and organic. During the last few months, What So Not has been heating up with a series of summer anthems, such as his chilling September release with San Holo, “ENERGY”. Just as dynamic and imaginative of an artist is Daktyl, a mixed bag of talent. His career surrounds appearances on the likes of Monstercat, while touring alongside ODESZA, Bonobo, TroyBoi, and other industry powerhouses. This gifted multi-instrumentalist’s latest EP, Chaos Theory Pt. 2, is nothing short of remarkable. It represents an introspective and hypnotic collaborative journey with visionary-lyricist hybrid Benni Ola.

Taking their audience on fascinating adventures through sound, is an aspect seen frequently in both What So Not and Daktyl’s personal catalogs. That attribute is evident across “Fever”, which foreshadows the bright road ahead for its creators.

Hekler – HEK SZN’ EP

Las Vegas native Hekler is back on Bassrush Records, this time unveiling a filthy five-track EP entitled ‘HEK SZN.’ The project follows the previously released lead
single “BUMPIN,” alongside BLVCK JVCK, as well as Hekler’s debut album ‘Abyss,’ which was released on the label earlier this year. Hekler leads the EP off with “Work It,” a wildly dynamic destroyer that sees the veteran producer exploring new ground. An upbeat dance-friendly melody brings a nostalgic feel as breakbeat drums and classic jungle vocal samples further the aesthetic. The producer is at home here, unleashing punishing waves of dubstep devastation backed by gritty rave stabs and crunchy synth slams. As soon as it feels like the track can be pinned down, Hekler flips the script by delivering a warehouse-ready hard dance drop punctuated with pounding kicks and a relentless tempo. The distorted outro offers a mind-warping reset with an industrial edge. The producer speaks to the creative process behind the track:

“While I was writing this, I wanted to sort of embody the vibe of being in a warehouse with the rave stabs, yet maintain what heavily influenced my earlier music with that trap and bass music energy. ‘Work It’ became the lead track for this ‘HEK SZN’ EP, mainly because I stepped out of my usual tempo range and took on a 126 bpm song; if you’ve been following my music then you know this is not where I am usually at. I wanted to make something that could be a tool, not only for myself, but other producers, as well.”


Emerging as a groundbreaking force in Drum and Bass, BADVOID, the 22-year-old phenom born in the UK and now based between Brisbane, Australia, and Los Angeles, has released his ‘MUTINY EP’ via Sounds Of Mayhem. This electrifying EP is a testament to BADVOID’s ability to push musical boundaries, infusing Drum and Bass with a unique blend of rocktronic and punk influences. The ‘MUTINY EP’ embarks on a sonic journey through three distinct tracks, each exploring a fusion of genres and influences. “KEEP IT HARDCORE” is a heavy drum & bass track featuring PERSONA NON GRATA, a Los Angeles-based duo. Born from an encounter at a Delta Heavy show in LA, this track combines ravey drum fills, gritty saw wave synths, and dark electronic guitars. It’s a relentless sonic assault that sets the tone for the EP. The Dr Ushuu remix of “KEEP IT HARDCORE” elevates this track with mesmerizing energy and filthy vibes. Dr Ushuu emerged from the suburbs of the city of lights, with a rare blend of joviality, experience and innovation. Dr Ushuu is out to conquer new worlds with every release.

“CAUTION” seamlessly blends rocktronic elements with drum and bass. Drawing inspiration from the dark riffs of Metallica, this track is characterized by gritty reese basses, chuggy electronic guitars, and metal-infused vocals. It’s a sonic experience that pushes the boundaries of genre fusion. “UNREST” takes a different approach, delivering a heavy metal drum and bass-infused track. It features distorted dubstep-influenced basses, heavy reese basses, and hard-hitting drums. It’s a dark and intense composition that showcases BADVOID’s versatility and willingness to explore new sonic territories.


AVANCE is a hell-raising Australian music producer, quickly making a name for himself as a boundary-pushing electronic artist. Fueled by an unwavering passion for horror and all things diabolical, AVANCE masterfully crafts sonic landscapes that defy convention and send shivers down the spine. AVANCE’s “ALIVE IN A COFFIN” EP is a testament to his creative depth and willingness to explore the darker corners of electronic music. The EP’s immersive storytelling and haunting soundscapes promise to captivate audiences. The first track “ALIVE IN A COFFIN” immerses you in a sonic realm where fear takes center stage. This track is a haunting exploration of tension and unease, drawing listeners into its mysterious depths. “MASSACRE” steps into a world of sonic chaos and devastation as “MASSACRE” unfolds. AVANCE’s mastery of sound design shines through in this captivating dance floor destroyer. “DEATH OF A SACRED DEER” invites you to contemplate difficult choices as you navigate its intricate melodies and evocative rhythms. It’s a musical journey that leaves a lasting impact.

“I love creating sounds that tell a story, having you feel what the character is going through,” says AVANCE. “This EP is my favorite yet, and I hope that you all enjoy it.” AVANCE invites you to embark on this enigmatic journey and experience the haunting allure of “ALIVE IN A COFFIN”.


Veteran DJ-producer F.O.O.L has released his debut album, MACHINE via Monstercat Uncaged. MACHINE signals the next chapter of F.O.O.L’s project and identity, reflecting his decision at the start of 2020 to revamp his style with an evolving sonic palette. Just as exciting as the inaugural album itself, is the fact that half the project will be featured in Rocket League, embracing the ability of F.O.O.L’s music to frequently traverse into the gaming space. From its commencement, MACHINE instantly establishes a dark, gritty, and mysterious tone for the album. Its title track, “Machine,” kicks off with a dramatic build. This gives way to a heavy collision of dubstep and synthwave when the drop hits. The opening song is followed by “AGONIZE”, a hair-raising collaboration with Extra Terra, a legend in cyberpunk music who hails from France. Emphatic surges of bass flood the airwaves, as opera tenors and sopranos powerfully ring out. In “Motor” with THIRST, the artists include elements of phonk and layer in police sirens, cultivating a thrilling sonic environment.

MACHINE is not just a remarkable album, it represents the heart of synthwave and cyberpunk-themed music. It previews the future for the melting pot of genres that F.O.O.L and his fellow artists embody, while bridging the realms of music and gaming significantly closer together. Opening doors across electronic music and beyond, MACHINE allows its audience to dive into the full origin story of F.O.O.L, who will continue to push sonic limits and be a real-life hero for his fans.

 Biometrix & Nat James – ‘Heavy Artillery’ 

Renowned music icons, Biometrix, the boundary-pushing DJ/producer, and Nat James, the electrifying Hip-Hop vocalist, have just dropped the seismic track, “Heavy Artillery” – released on Position Music. Merging the best elements of Bass and Hip-Hop, the track is a relentless assault on the senses. Nat James’s explosive verses meet head-on with Biometrix’s earth-shaking bass drops, crafting an adrenaline-fueled experience that’s impossible to ignore.

This track marks a significant start in their collaboration for the TAKE EM ALL EP, which will also be released, in full, on Position Music. Designed to push the very limits of bass, the EP boasts heart-pounding drops and powerful, heartfelt lyrics that resonate. Tailor-made for gaming, fitness, and high-energy activities, it promises an infusion of raw, unstoppable power. Together, Biometrix and Nat James have crafted “Heavy Artillery” as an enduring gem, setting a new gold standard in the esteemed bass music community and signaling a transformative moment in music that the world isn’t ready for.



Being the Inspiration for many Successful Dubstep Artists, Sadhu has been in the Game for a long time. His first Release dates back to 2011 and he has sold out every major City in Europe, America and Australia. Taking a Break in 2015 to Focus on Other Musical Projects such as a Blues Band and a Metal Band, he took the Scene by Storm in January when he announced his Comeback. Since then he has played in Venues all over Europe again, such as the Bootshaus in Cologne or Le Bikini in Toulouse. IMAN is a 26 year old dubstep producer who has demolished dancefloors‘ around The USA such as Exchange LA, Sound Nightclub, Area 15, Skyway Theater, The Green Elephant, Academy, EOS Lounge, Aura, The Circle and more. He is is set out to bring his destructive sounds to listeners across the world. These two artists, Sadhu and IMAN have recently released their first collaboration with one another SADMAN’ and it is absolutely destructive indeed.

barnacle boi – Introspect’  EP

Delve deep into the avant-garde evolution of electronic music with barnacle boi’s newest opus: Introspect EP. Melding the intricate textures of wave, bass, and garage, this producer is sculpting a transformative soundscape in the realm of dance music’s bass scene and beyond. “Introspect” heralds the EP’s onset, interwoven with festival-driven elements like powerful bass, experimental wubs, and sedating vocal samples. Its eclectic melodies and palpable confidence set the stage for the tracks that follow.

“Love Hotel” captivates as the EP’s lead single, plunging listeners into the depths of the wave genre, encapsulating them in a dystopian, interstellar ambiance. Following suit, “In The Dark” ushers us through a spectral soundscape, punctuated by profound synths, shadowy melodies, and vibrant percussion. “U Were Everything 2 Me” is an anthem of raw fervor. Its intense, high-pitched rave stabs underscore the EP’s emotional zenith, unveiling its core essence. “Stubborn” serves as a contemplative breather, casting a fresh lens on the wave spectrum. The journey culminates with “Sorry”, seemingly influenced by icons of electronic music like Burial, a composition that accentuates the garage genre, magnifying the EP’s multifaceted nature and individuality. With Introspect EP, barnacle boi masterfully crafts a sonic journey that resonates beyond mere sound, epitomizing the depth and dynamism of contemporary electronic music.

Starya – ‘Gradient’ 

LA-based producer and vocalist Starya, formerly known as Tuff Ghost, acutely imbues aesthetics of the natural world into her futuristic, electronic pop soundscapes. As the primary beat-maker, singer, and mixer behind all of her own work, she directly translates her singular creative vision into immaculate production and songwriting.  Starya releases “Gradient” an intergalactic, bass-fueled track that continues the artist’s genre-blending creative approach. Made while on her Twitch stream, the track is permeated by deep bass lines, airy pop vocals, and a four-on-the-floor beat, resulting in an ethereal cut with a hypnotizing gravitational force.

“Gradient” kicks off with a pulsating bass line backed by stuttering percussion and floating vocals. The track then builds with the first verse, which supplements Starya’s singing with thumping kick drums and echoey snaps. “I wanna lay down like a sunset/slowly turning into a gradient/and as I pull the light across the ground/you’re wondering if I’ll ever come back around,” she sings, evoking the song’s psychedelic, interdimensional themes.

The track then drops into its propulsive central section, which combines a stabbing, electro style synth bass with scintillating hi-hats. Starya fills out the rest of the mix with electric guitar and increasingly warped instrumentation, elements that help complete the song’s sonic image of metaphysical transformation.

Bass Physics – ‘FLY AWAY (feat. CASS)’ 

Bass music has the power to transport listeners to other worlds, and this is especially true of the sounds from Denver-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Bass Physics. Having gained a fervent audience who are enamored by his sparkly, hard-hitting bass aesthetics and live set – a vibrant performance style that sees him oscillate between electronic hardware, piano, and guitar – Bass Physics has cultivated a distinct sonic and visual language that gives fans a reprieve from their earthly struggles. Bass Physics is revving up towards his debut album, Lost In Space, a full-length project that promises to deliver a collection of cinematic, mind-melding soundscapes. Filled to the brim with melodic compositions, immersive sound design, and, of course, otherworldly bass production, Lost In Space will be a holistic artist statement – a reflection of Bass Physics’ creative identity and a time capsule of his evolution up until this point.

Today, fans get their first taste of Lost In Space with melodic bass banger “FLY AWAY,” the LP’s lead single. A collaboration with vocalist CASS, “FLY AWAY” blends heart-thumping bass, angelic vocals, and intricate production flourishes all wrapped in a lush, extraterrestrial presentation.

“FLY AWAY” kicks off with an ascending, euphoric synth chord progression before bringing in CASS’s verse over a thumping, propulsive drum rhythm. The track then builds with CASS’s lyrics alluding to escaping reality before transitioning into an earth-shattering central section – a monumental drop that combines blazing bass design with trunk-rattling, trap-influenced drums for maximum catharsis. Grand in scope and replete with epic, euphoric sonic choices, “FLY AWAY” is a perfect tone setter for Bass Physics’ ensuing album rollout – and an acute prediction of the sorts of ambitious, monumental tracks the LP will contain.

Fans can catch Bass Physics play out “FLY AWAY” at his upcoming Ember Shores performance in December.

Buzz Junior – ‘We Go Harder’ 

St. Louis-based producer Buzz Junior is an underground standout who’s been consistently carving out his own lane. He’s a recent winner of Insomniac’s Discovery Project and has released with Insomniac, Gravitas Recordings, and more. Making his debut on FUXWITHIT comes the massive trap anthem ‘We Go Harder.’

Aptly titled, ‘We Go Harder’ is a hard-hitting trap banger in its truest form. The intro melody is inviting and enticing as crisp drums ramp the track up with precision. Scratches and chest-puffing rap vocals inject a gritty yet addictive edge. A dizzyingly dripped-out lead powers the minimal yet masterful drops alongside booming 808s and bouncy drum programming. Clocking in at just over two minutes the track waste no time, giving listeners a brief break before coming back even harder for the finale. ‘We Go Harder’ brings electronic trap music back to its roots in the best way possible proving Buzz Junior really does go harder than the rest.

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