Home Uncategorized The Curious New Tech Potential in the World of Electronic Music
The Curious New Tech Potential in the World of Electronic Music
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The Curious New Tech Potential in the World of Electronic Music

Home Uncategorized The Curious New Tech Potential in the World of Electronic Music

As much as we enjoy listening to electronic music alone, most fans will agree that it’s an experience best shared with others. This lets us spend time with friends, meet new people, and embrace the collective mood of an energetic crowd. It can also be difficult to organize, especially if you find yourself in an area with strict noise controls or a lacking dance music scene.

Enter the world of technology, with all its fascinating and bizarre solutions. Thanks to modern tech, it’s increasingly possible to enjoy dance music in ways that sidestep physical hurdles. This provides more ways to engage, and while they might not capture the exact spirit of dance the traditional way, they can provide a viable alternative that’s infinitely better than going without.

A Quiet Example

One of the best examples of what new tech can bring to the dance music scene can be found in silent discos. These operate a lot like regular dance parties, except instead of speakers, everybody is provided a pair of wireless headphones. These still connect to a DJ and play music as usual, bypassing many of the noise issues that regular dance parties imply.

Of course, silent discos aren’t perfect. While headphones can offer a custom volume level and superior sound clarity, they’ll never provide the feel of bass thumping in your chest. Still, they’re an interesting solution that remains a lot better than nothing.

A Solo Experience

The tech that could take dance music parties even further would build on advanced streaming services that have already been pioneered in other industries. A great example of the opportunities presented here can be found in entertainment like live bingo with live games such as Double Bubble and Duck Hunt Quackpot. Played online, these titles stream live video to a player’s device, letting them capture the bingo experience without ever having to step outside their door.

Advancements in virtual and augmented reality technology have the same potential to deliver these types of streamed experiences to the dance music space. Systems like the Bigscreen Beyond VR headset are paving the way with devices that bypass the limitations of older and clunkier designs. Weighing only 127 grams, this new generation of VR won’t strain your neck and is light enough to be swung around like dance music demands, and it will no doubt be just the first of many.

Of course, implementing this technology into the dance music scene still requires a few steps forward in better recording technology. If you want to dance within the digital space of other real humans, we’ll need more affordable and flexible camera setups, and online infrastructure to interpret our appearance and movements into a shared environment. Completely digital avatars can do this to some extent already, but most of us would prefer a replica of our physical beings to work with.

As much as this might seem like science fiction, the foundation of these technologies already exists. We have light VR headsets, we have home cameras, we have online concerts, and we have programs that can create virtual dance spaces. The only questions remaining revolve around how long it will take for the technology to become more affordable and accessible, and when someone could finally put all the pieces together. Again, it might not measure up to being there in person, but in joining your friends across the world for a night out, we can’t deny the potential left to look forward to.

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