Home News Markus Schulz & Sir Ivan announce upcoming collaboration ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’
Markus Schulz & Sir Ivan announce upcoming collaboration ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’
Markus Schulz & Sir Ivan
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Markus Schulz & Sir Ivan announce upcoming collaboration ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’

Home News Markus Schulz & Sir Ivan announce upcoming collaboration ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’

Renowned Electronic Music DJ Markus Schulz teams up with Billboard charting recording Artist Sir Ivan to unveil their debut collaboration, ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’ released through Coldharbour Recordings. In this fresh Trance production, they merge their musical identities into a potent blend of uplifting sound, promising to captivate audiences and breathe new life into The Byrds’ 1965 classic.

Markus Schulz has made waves in Electronic Music with his unique signature sound, blending Trance, Progressive, and Techno elements to push the genre’s boundaries. Furthermore, with three wins as DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ, Schulz’s talent and innovation are undeniable, and this latest release further solidifies his status.

Sir Ivan, a respected figure in the realm of Electronic Dance Music, earns recognition for his ‘Peaceman‘ status and commitment to spreading messages of world peace and universal love through his music. Sir Ivan aims for ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!‘ to inspire listeners to love one another and spread peace worldwide.

The track kicks off with a pulsating arpeggiator, setting an energetic tone with its driving beat and compelling layers of sound. As Sir Ivan’s emotive vocals join the mix, the track evolves with captivating vibes, driven by infectious synth leads and rhythmic details. Notably, with a multi-layered soundscape, ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!‘ delivers a party-ready atmosphere while maintaining Sir Ivan’s message of peace and love.

This collaboration showcases the dynamic energy of Markus Schulz’s music and Sir Ivan’s impactful lyricism, making it a must-listen for Electronic Dance Music enthusiasts. Additionally, staying updated with both artists on social media for more groundbreaking releases is highly recommended. ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’. Make sure to pre-save the track here.

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