Home Music Best New Electronic Music Tracks You Need to Hear in June 2024
Best New Electronic Music Tracks You Need to Hear in June 2024
Low Steppa
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Best New Electronic Music Tracks You Need to Hear in June 2024

Home Music Best New Electronic Music Tracks You Need to Hear in June 2024

The summer music festival season is heating up, and the world’s hottest electronic artists are bringing their A-game with a torrent of massive new tracks. For the next edition of our best new electronic music series, we have some exciting additions from top artists like Henry Fong, Low Steppa, KiRiK, and more. The electronic music scene is absolutely exploding with must-hear anthems that are destined to take over main stages and euphoric dance floors everywhere. We’ll take a look at the hottest new songs from these talented acts who are pushing electronic music in exciting new directions.

1. Henry Fong -Pa Pa Pa (feat. MC Maromba)

Henry Fong just dropped a wild new tech house banger called “Pa Pa Pa” featuring MC Maromba and it’s an absolute heater! The track is out on Dim Mak and it’s definitely going to be lighting up the festival grounds this summer. The vocals have this awesome high-energy flow, bouncing between English and Portuguese in a way that just vibes so perfectly with the beat. And when that drop hits it’s a straight-up tech house stomper but with like a slight dubstep flavor too that gives it some extra oomph.

But Fong has seriously been killing it for over a decade now in the electronic scene. Remember his massive “Rave Tool” track from way back? That one had heavy hitters like DJ Snake, Skrillex, Dillon Francis all supporting it hard. He’s collaborated with so many other big names too – Hardwell, R3HAB, Deorro and more. Fong has even worked with big acts like Calvin Harris & Rihanna and DJ Snake with his remix skills.

Anyways, his new “Pa Pa Pa” join is an absolute must-listen if you’re trying to get hyped for the upcoming festival season.

2. Low Steppa, Jewel Kid – Big Busta

The new track by Low Steppa & Jewel Kid is an absolute tech house heater, but more aimed at those sweaty club nights than the big festival stages. The drum programming on this track is just immaculate – the way the punchy kicks and snares lock in with that filthy bassline to create such a groovy foundation? Chef’s kiss. And then you got those soulful disco vocal samples that somehow gel perfectly with the high-octane club vibes. But the real money moment is that second drop where all the elements finally come together into this massive drop. You can just picture the whole club going bananas.

Low Steppa has seriously been one of the most vital names carrying the house music torch lately. You already know his smash hits like “Dance To The Music” and “This Is The Sound” were setting it off worldwide. His unique production style is just undeniable. While this new heater is definitely designed for those intimate club environments, it still encapsulates why Low Steppa is considered such an important, influential force in the house scene right now.

3. KiRiK – Bdpwp

This new KiRiK track is easily one of our personal favorites from all the fresh tracks dropping this month. The man’s production prowess is just on full display with the intricate detailing packed into this track. It’s built on this rock-solid tech house groove as the foundation, but then he weaves in these silky smooth jazz vocal licks that instantly set it apart from your typical banger. And we can’t skip over that breakdown either – KiRiK throws in some killer acoustic drum rhythms that add such an interesting textural switch-up.

But that punchy, funk-fueled drum programming? Classic KiRiK at his best. His ability to assemble these intricate, off-kilter grooves is just second to none. The way he incorporates all these left-field sound design elements into his tunes while keeping them firmly rooted in club-ready house makes his music so uniquely captivating. KiRiK was born in southern Ukraine back in ’85 and has gone on to launch his own record labels specifically for releasing underground club tracks that defy mainstream categorization. An absolute must-listen for anyone craving something deliciously weird and wonderful on the dancefloor.

4. sumthin sumthin x ero808 – what U need

The sumthin sumthin x ero808 collab “what U need” on Good Society is an absolute minimal dubstep masterclass. The vibe is stripped-back and skeletal, relying on just a handful of meticulously crafted elements to carry the whole damn thing. The sound design work on that gnarly bass is just next-level. The amount of grit and intricate detailing they packed into those snarling bass patches for the drops? Absolute filth in the best way possible. You can feel those subwoofers about to get violated.

Sumthin sumthin has seriously been pushing boundaries in the world of experimental trap and bass music for a minute now. His eclectic, genre-blurring approach always brings such a unique flavor. He’s linked up with other forward-thinking artists like CloZee and Player Dave, while also dropping heat on tastemaker labels like Bassrush and Deadbeats. So you already know when he gets together with someone as talented as ero808, they’re cooking up something utterly unorthodox yet undeniably heavy. This “what U need” joint is minimalism at its most potent – just a handful of immaculately sculpted sounds combining into a concentrated 808 explosion. For anyone craving an utterly unique dubstep experience, you gotta hear this one loud.

5. Cheyenne Giles x ALRT- BAD

Another absolute festival weapon coming in hot from Dim Mak – the new Cheyenne Giles x ALRT link up called “BAD.” That monstrous drop is purpose-built to ignite the main stages, giving us major Magnificence and Seth Hills energy with how goddamn enormous those synths are punching through. But they didn’t just rely on simple banger formulas. The drum programming and gnarly basslines bring a serious dancefloor sensibility, gluing the whole thing together with an undeniable groove. Then in the breakdowns, those emotive vocal hooks drive the energy.

It’s this neatly done fusion of old school house vibes with modern EDM heroics. A refreshing balance of nostalgic and forward-thinking sounds. “BAD” is the perfect representation of this multi-talented duo – a festival banger with layered depth and character.

6. HYPERLIGHT x Atrysk – Big Iron

Big Iron is a collaborative effort from the creative forces of HYPERLIGHT and Atrysk. The moment those drums kick in, you can tell these dudes are true sound design wizards. The way they’re processing and effecting those percussion elements with delays, phasers, and other effects – it’s just pure ear candy. Those quirky, trippy drum patterns immediately grab your attention and don’t let go.

But then they smooth things out with this melancholic melody that lays the perfect emotional foundation before bringing the filthy drop. The blend of headbanger energy and musicality is just impeccable. This is 100% the kind of anthem you’ll want blaring during those grueling gym sessions to push through that last punishing set. While HYPERLIGHT and Atrysk may still be relatively new names, you can hear the elite-level production credentials oozing out of this track. The sound design is impeccable, the songwriting is expertly crafted – these guys are clearly a cut above.

7. NIO – Pulsar

“Pulsar” by NIO is a seriously wild genre blend that just works surprisingly well. We’re talking trance vibes making an unexpected comeback, but meshed together with the hard-hitting intensity of dubstep. During the breakdowns, you get transported back to those classic tranced-out tunes from the early 2000s with the melodic, atmospheric pads and arpy synths. But then the drops hit with that brutal,face-melting dubstep energy, creating this dope contrast within the same song.

The first drop is a straight banger, but NIO gets even crazier on the second one by fully leaning into trance territories while still keeping those gnarly bass sounds. It’s like the best of both worlds! NIO is definitely an exciting new producer to watch. He’s all about fusing melodic bass music with trance, future rave, and these super cinematic soundscapes. Being from New Jersey, he credits the energy of anthemic party starters like Swedish House Mafia, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and the Atlantic City club scene as core inspirations for his explosive sound.

8. Jon Casey – Gimme

If you’re into hard-hitting bass music, you’ve definitely heard of the South African producer Jon Casey by now. His new track “Gimme” is a prime example of why he’s so respected in the scene. “Gimme” is an absolute masterclass in intricate sound design and production prowess. From the intricate, polyrhythmic percussion to those squelchy bass patches – every single element is sculpted to absolute perfection. You can just feel the amount of technical skill and experience that went into crafting every tiny detail.

It’s the kind of track that’s absolutely built for getting those kinetic festival crowds utterly charged up at big dance fests like EDC, Lost Lands, you name it. Casey has been consistently turning heads and earning co-signs from heavyweights like Skrillex, TroyBoi, Mr. Carmack and more over the years. He’s collaborated with those A-list names, as well as releasing on taste-making labels like RL Grime’s Sable Valley, Noisia’s Vision, and he was even the first artist put out music on Alison Wonderland’s FMU imprint.

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