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LUNAX and Luca Schreiner unveil ‘No Heroes’ (feat. ANY): Listen
LUNAX, Luca Schreiner
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LUNAX and Luca Schreiner unveil ‘No Heroes’ (feat. ANY): Listen

Home Uncategorized LUNAX and Luca Schreiner unveil ‘No Heroes’ (feat. ANY): Listen

As she continues her rise through the ranks of the electronic music scene, LUNAX has teamed up with Luca Schreiner for her latest festival-ready anthem. Together the two producers combine their talents for the infectious new single, No Heroes.

Rising through the ranks as one of the premier producers from Germany, LUNAX has already made a massive impact on the electronic music scene at just 22 years of age. For her latest production, she is joined by Luca Schreiner with vocals from ANY. The track arrives just in time for summer and is built for all the activities of the season. From the opening guitar chords and bright ‘ooohs’ from ANY, No Heroes invites listeners to sit back, relax, and let the production wash over them. With just a subtle change in the filtered guitar sound, the track comes to life quickly in the verse as ANY’s delivery perfectly fits the vibe the producers were hoping for.

‘We wanted to create a relaxed dance track thats has energy but also captures the relaxed mood of summer. Working with Luca Schreiner was the perfect collaboration, as he captures this positive vibe in his other tracks as well.’


As the pre-chorus refrain of ‘We don’t need a hero to save the night when the sun goes cold we are not alone,’ LUNAX and Luca Schreiner show off their keen production powers. The pulsing kick drum and subtle percussion match the vocal, elevating the energy but not interrupting the relaxed summer vibe. It is a careful line to walk, but LUNAX and Luca Schreiner appear to manage it with ease. Out now via Beat Dealer Records, No Heroes is the perfect song to turn on all summer long, whether lounging at the beach or enjoying a night out at the club.

Listen to the latest single from LUNAX and Luca Schreiner out now.

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